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About The Baptized: VA and Staff Casting

In this series, the player follows the number 019 player Rune as she and the other 31 players in the game do their best to survive a despicable death game within a city that gradually fills with water. Rune and the others do their best to figure out why she and a couple of other players have no memory of their pasts as they are double-crossed, and threatened by the ever-approaching want to win the game from the other players. Many players put themselves first, many players put others first, many players mind their own business.

Now, the objective of the game is to survive! How do you do that you may ask? It’s simple! Don’t be in last place!

As you move around the city, you’ll encounter tasks that you can complete for points. These tasks will challenge all sorts of skills that you may or may not possess. As you finish a task, you’ll receive a certain amount of points based on its difficulty.These points will be stored on your fancy little watch that I’m speaking out of. You’ll be able to view the amount of points you have and the points of the other players on that same watch. A timer displaying how much time is left during the current game will also be displayed. It is a watch after all. Players are ranked by the amount of points from the most all the way down to the least. When the timer on your watch strikes zero, the player with the least amount of points will be, ah, exterminated. So don’t slack and be left in the dust! 

Now, doing tasks isn’t the only way to gain points. If you feel like it, you can also kill another player for their points!  After you take their watch, just place them in one of the various receptacle bins located around town, put your watch to the scanner, and all of their points will be transferred to you. Sounds easy, right?

That’s because it is!

Now, don’t think that because you barely scraped by being second-to-last that you’re safe from extermination. I have some news for you. In order to stop lazy players from doing the bare minimum, those found to have the lowest points after the loser is exterminated will become “Prey”. Prey will have a bounty placed on their heads and their last known location revealed every thirty minutes. Players that kill Prey will not only receive all of that Prey’s points, but will receive that bounty bonus as well as a special item for their troubles! Prey that survive until the game timer runs out will receive triple of the bounty that was placed on them as well as the special item that was offered to the other hunting players.

A little surprise for those on their high-horse as well: The criteria for who is Prey changes each game. While one game, it will be those with the least amount of points, other times it will be those with the most amount of points. It’s random each time and you won’t know until it’s too late so keep a good work ethic and keep your eyes and ears peeled.

When the time limit ends, you’ll all be sent to a small location for some downtime. There, you’ll be able to meet the other members and check out the competition. Don’t get too attached though. You’ll never know when one of them will stab you in the back. Literally! When downtime ends, you’ll take a quick nap and will play the game again. This whole process ends when there is only one player left standing.

If you audition for the project whether it be for a Staff Role or a VA Role, I thank you so much. This project has been in the works for a while now and it makes me so happy to see people interested in it. I put a lot of effort into painstakingly crafting a diverse cast of personalities and characters as well as a compelling, mysterious and consistent plotline that has enough twists to keep the player on-edge.

VA Auditions can be found at the very bottom of the page under the Staff Auditions. Casting for VA's will not be for a while but hey, it doesn't hurt to try out. If you audition please put your audition comment in this format.

Discord Tag:

What would you like to be credited by if casted:

Feedback: Yes/No

Other social links if you want:

Any comments about the character or audition you may have.

If you have any question or concerns feel free to reach out to me via discord at SHILL733#9941 or join the discord server below


About the Creator: s_hill733325

Hi! My name is Sky!

I'm a writer! I make stories, do scriptwriting, and love making characters. and dabble in Voice Acting, I hope to get a better mic soon and really get into it big. I hope to be an author in my future and it's a real passion of mine. Writing is something I hope to make into a career when I'm older and figured this would be a good start. 

Feel free to reach out to me! I accept all friend requests on discord as I love meeting new people.

Discord tag is SHILL733#9941

I also love collaborating with people and meeting others through the wonders of a fan project. I love Interaction especially during times like these. All around there are just really no words that can quantify my love for writing and meeting new people. 

I mentioned that I dabble in Voice Acting earlier, Personally, I think I'm Ok at it, honestly, there's always room for improvement. I probably need a better, more high-quality mic to use for VA'ing but I'll figure that out soon.

If you need any help writing for a fan project or anything by all means message me!

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