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About That Gosh Darn Hippie Show's Search For Extras [CLOSED FOR EXTRAS, STILL NEED SOUND EDITOR]

Hey, everyone!
That Gosh Darn Hippie Show is growing, and because of this we are looking for more voices to help us out!

That Gosh Darn Hippie Show is a retro music radio show that utilizes short skits and comedic bits to make music radio engaging for all!
We are a small show at the moment being on a handful of local stations with online uploads to Mixcloud so we make no money doing this, but once the Patreon page gets up and going we hope to actually get everyone paid per commission.

We are looking for talented voice actors to voice various one-off characters for gags in-between the music. You can be any age, gender, ethnicity, or have any accent (And for trans folks who feel self-conscious about their voice, there's only one cis person on our team of five so no need to feel nervous!) As long as you're talented and have decent mic quality, feel free to audition! Just make a recording of as many character voices as you can in one MP3 with lines from a movie you like, lines that you wrote, lines that you improvised, whatever you like!
Once we decide we like your voice you will go through a bit of an interview process. Once you pass the interview process, congrats! You're a part of the Gosh Darn Hippie Crew, and will be voicing various characters throughout the show!

Only catch is that you must have a Discord and log on often, must be prepared to record at short notice, and secrecy on projects is important.
Whenever you have a USB mic or something more expensive doesn't matter.

We are also looking for someone to help with editing the show, too, as I've had less and less time to be able to do so on my own. For this I would like to hear samples of your work in editing audio, and you will also go through an interview process before being brought on. Since editing will take the most amount of time out of the jobs listed editing will be paid 5-10 dollars per job (5 dollars for episodes without skits, 10 for episodes with) until the Patreon page has a decent amount of donors.

(Please note work will not be weekly, but as needed.)
Good luck and have a groovy weekend!

About the Creator: KikiTheHippie

Radio DJ and voice actor.
Pushing the boundaries of music radio.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold