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Kanonlullabies's Previously Completed Works

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    About Thanatopia (Episode 3 and On)

    *Episode 3 and on*

    In the year 20XX, a virus has spread across the area and infected a local town. Three months later, a group of friends are trying to live in their new world among the infested monsters that lurk around their new town’s barrier. It’s fight or else it’s the end. Follow the lives of these five seniors throughout their time in Thanatopia.

    About the title: 

    "Thana" comes from the word thanatophobia which means "fear of death". "Topia" comes from utopia which means "imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect". So basically, its a perfect world to be fearful of death, dying, and not being able to live happily again.

    Director Notes, Rules, etc:


     1. Have a CLEAR microphone. No static, no noise of any sort, I need to be able to hear you loud and clear. 

    2. Act with emotion! I will not cast someone who cannot act with some type of feeling. Even if your character may not have a full blown pointed out emotion does not mean you should act deadbeat. 

    3. Record 3 different takes per line. Try out different emotions. Try to vary with each take. 

    4. Send your audition through email or through here. 

    My email is [redacted]. 

     -Make sure the subject states your Youtube name or name of preference 

     -Attach the audio file to the email 

     - Please tell me if you wish to be an extra or minor or not 

     - List all types of contact  

    5. No face auditions. Audio only. 

    6. Audition for everyone you can. It opens up more possibilities of you being casted. 

     *NOTE: Please make sure you are comfortable with cursing/cussing, crying, and screaming when recording. PLEASE include some screaming and crying in your audition seperate from the lines so I can see what you are capable of.

     **NOTE: Try to audition for EVERYONE you are able audition for. There are some minor and extra character lines below that you could also try for. 

    About the Creator: kanonlullabies


    My name is kanonlullabies/Misha Hime and I am a sims 3 director and voice actress.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold