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Sara Productions's Previously Completed Works

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    About The great sing off: Share your voice


    An argument spread in Starlight Academy. Who is the best at singing; boys or girls? Starlight Academy is a school for people who love music. It helps them reach student's careers. 6 students from starlight high gather up to decide who will claim the spotlight of the best singer.

    Roles needed:

    Singers/voice actors

    The people who sing, will also need to be voice acted. I would like the same voice because it would be the same person. When auditioning for the singers/voice actors, it will be the same slot that you sing in and voice act in.


    We beg you guys to at least have some sort of experience in singing when you apply. You may sing any song you want, or you can make your own lyrics and sing. You do not have to have the instrumental song in the background if you are doing a cover; it can just be a cappella. When making your own lyrics to sing, you do not have to go through all the trouble  of making your own music to go with it.


    MUST have discord. There will be a server for whoever gets casted to discuss how we will all work together and what to do. Also, list your discord username. 1. To identify who is who. 2. To tell you whether you got the role or not [in DM] 3. To discuss how we will work together [in DM]

    MUST have NO background noises. I would prefer a mic but it is okay to just have no background noises.

    MUST be active on discord and casting call

    MUST be at least 15 years old. I want mature voices

    DON'T comment bad things about people's auditions/applications

    DON'T audition if you only in for the audition and not doing the actual job

    DON'T just look at these rules and say oh yeah, that means I can swear, yippee! Use common sense and don't do what you don't think is not right

    Try to list as many social media platforms that you have. For example, if you were me, you would be listing tumblr, discord username, instagram username.

    What to expect:

    Staff member being online frequently

    Casted members being DM so that we can add finishing touches

    Thank you for reading this. If you have any question message me on casting or my instagram or my discord.

    Discord: BlueGemmy#9776

    Instagram: EpiWeb Studios

    About the Creator: Sara Productions

    Hello, I love to create my own solo songs and publish them on a private yt channel. I then wanted to expand my horizon by making another youtube channel but not making it private. I love using my voice so I started building an idea on comic dubbing so this is where I am now. An aspiring 16 year old who loves voice acting! Will you join me on my mission? 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold