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Rickmoore's Previously Completed Works

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    About Tales of the Unknown

    Hey everyone! I am Rick, a portuguese who is trying to write a story. I am going to publish (when finished) here in Portugal, but i wanted to bring that story to life, but in English. So, I decided to make a podcast telling the first chapter of the story (If does well I will podcast the other chapters), and I want your help to voice acting!

    Things you need:

    -A voice that matches what i want from each character;

    -Skype (Im just going to give my skype to those who were choosed!)


    -Good behaviour;

    -Good Mic;

    -And, of course, have lots of fun! (even if you dont make it, take it as experience!)

    I also want a reviwer, who can look up to grammar errors. (Im portuguese so they might happen) If you are interested in being a reviwer send me a private message here in Casting Club!

    Curiosities from the 1st chapter:

    -Most of the characters doesnt appear on the following chapters (Only Light);

    -Its the only chapther who needs a narrator (All the other are from 1st view);

    -With the exception of Light, all the other characters doesnt have names (They wont be needed so i didnt bother)

    When the podcast is done I am going to put the link on my facebook page -https://www.facebook.com/Rickmoorethinks (In this page I only have drawings and chapters of my story, all that in Portuguese).

     If you have any question just pm me! I hope you guys have lots of fun, and dont be embarassed to show your voice! I will listen to all of your auditions and give a little review of what i thinked, and if you dont make it, hopefully i will make the following chapters and then you guys can try again!

    There isnt anything more to say so ,all I can wish you is good luck, and until we meet again!

    (P.S: I didnt draw the characters because I want each of you to think about the character in your own way, thats the magic of a book!)

    (P.P.S: Sorry if there is a Grammar error here, or on the lines)

    About the Creator: rickmoore

    I am a writer and a drawer, and tried to be a bit of a voice actor.

    Created the stories Tales of the Unknown, which i will make it a book in my country, one day. 

    So, I decided to translate it to English, but in podcast.

    You can be a part of the story! Go to my project Tales of the Unkown and show me your voice!

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