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Real Book Tale's Previously Completed Works

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About (PAID) Tales of Semita: The Kraw Animation

Hello Hello and Hello everyone!

I am Maximum and this is a project to bring my universe to life in a full fledged animation. Of course I won't be able to instantly do that. I need to work my way up. This will be a short animation demonstrating a few of the main characters that will be prominent through out the series. It will showcase their relationship, personality, faults, and a little bit of fun action.

What is Semita? It is a universe with tons of tales to tell. Some sifi, some medieval fantasy, and some more modern. But the one we are focusing on is the Kraw, on the planet of Jincent. We follow a band of new mercenaries who will go through many trials to test their relationship and grow not only as people but as a group as well. Watch as they go from being a small mercenary group to a full fledged nation.

That's the gist of the story and how its going to go. 

The video on the right is merely a showcase of one of the many characters our heroes will have to face.

This is the script that you will be reading if you are casted: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ2wahXjdH29og_3IId7ap7wgcrQjr4lA2xK467cmAg/edit

And note: THIS IS FOR COMPOSERS AND ANIMATORS! Even though this is a paid project, prices will be up to debate. I will be paying hourly for animators and we shall discuss a price in private.

All art below is also original and paid for if you wanted to know that ;)

Going through the characters, starting from Ash, these roles will not be in the first animation used on patreon, but will be used as little character demos like the example video. It may say no lines or minutes read but that will change upon having a script ready.

If you have any questions, comment down below on this page.

Another quick note: It might be a while to come up with the money for the actual animation because I also have to pay composers. So just informing you, don't expect the finished product right away once you turn in your lines. I have a lot of savin to do. I know this sounds wrong but I'd rather be honest than lie to you guys sayin "Its comin soon! Ohhh you better be ready!! any second now!!" This project will be a while before it is fully complete, seeing as I have no outside help and I'm paying everything with my own money. Once patreon and kickstarter is goin, more money will go into paying actors, animators, and composers.

ONE FINAL NOTE I SWEAR!: I know it says the distribution says youtube but that is only for this first animation. It will be distributed elsewhere once the project has gained enough traction.


Must be 15+ to audition

If you cannot handle dark tones like death and or gore, then do not audition. This project's story will get dark at times in the future.

Must have a decent quality mic. No echoing or background noise.

Improvisation wins brownie points. If you feel you REALLY know the character after reading the description, feel free to add your own lines or changes.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO REAUDITION. I will most likely give critique. Don't take it personally, I am simply wanting you to do the best you can for my project. If it doesn't work out, its fine. You tried your hardest!

Must stay in contact! If you have discord or twitter, let me know!

IF YOU CANNOT SCREAM OR YELL THEN DON'T AUDITION! This is heavily anime inspired so there will be a lot of screaming.



If you want to have influence on the story yourself, feel free to join the discord and join our dnd sessions! Your impact could seriously sway the entire series!


About the Creator: RealBookTale

Hello! I am Maximum! I do things!

I strive to be a future director of an animated series called Tales of Semita. If you wish to follow along with the project, follow me on twitter! I will make constant updates on the progress of the animation.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold