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Theaspiefox's Previously Completed Works

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    About Tale of Altera

    Tale of Altera 

    ToA is a game in development as of current, using the software 'RPG Maker MV', and whose goals is to deliver a short series of story-driven narratives, therein also to break away from as many cliches as possible to deliver a truly unique and gripping story. 

    This game will also be episodic, which (and this is important to note) a few of the VAs needing to carry over from one episode to the next. The characters involved with this carry-over are: Silt, Gillit, Gan, Theol, Lynne, and Ellia. There are also anthology comics in the works; while voice-acting for those is not necessary, it would be nice to have and would follow the carry-over note.

    Episode Summaries: 

    1) Follow Theol on his little adventure as he tries to graduate from the Cadrian Academy, where he has spent his entire life, and prove himself to everyone around him who constantly tells him he 'isn't ready' to graduate yet. As a side, with the help of consistent nagging, Theol accompanies mentor Tol Sko as he travels to the Imperial capital to deliver an important message to Lady-Lord Ellia Karna herself. However, upon arriving, Theol soon discovers that things, and those he are close to, are not what they seem and conspiracy runs deep in the ranks around him.

    2) The first half of Episode II will act as a prequel, delving further into the individual stories and perspectives of each major character in Episode I, giving the player more information of where each comes from, their motives, and reasonings for how they got to the position they're in by the time of Episode I.   In the latter half, pick up right where Episode I leaves off, following Theol accompanying Captain Tonya Ferme  as they sail yonder, following the information Theol uncovered. What they find leads to Tonya reuniting with a thought-to-be-dead lover, and working to restore a people to their home, and to call upon the help of the mysterious 'Sages' up north to achieve this goal.

    3) 30 Years after the events of Episode I and II, the world is in a frantic state. The half-bloods, 'Sages', and Kuurva alike have been assassinated indiscrimately by an unknown force, pushing the Empire to send all forces scattered across the known lands to find their hidden enemy. This occurence also brings in a new alliance: The Imperial-Flag Alliance (or simply 'IFA' ); as these assassinations also span into Flag territory-- two enemies are brought together against a common enemy.  It is soon discovered, however, that assassinations are the least of their worries, as this secret force has an immensely technologoically-superior fleet heading their way, hellbent on "cleansing" the world of those they deem weak and unfit for "The Mission". The Episode will follow Shadow Guard Rimar and High Captain Juna Ferme (Tonya's daughter) as they try to work with their allies and defeat this threat, and to also find what Theol himself has been hiding, before this new enemy can find it first.


    - While the 'deadline' posted here is February 14th, 2017, it is in actuality July 13th, 2017. Being a 'Free' member only allows for a 1-month-away deadline (for some reason).

    - Due to my budget already being spent through commissioning art assets and original music, the only form of payment I can offer is a free copy of the game upon release.

    -There are several characters in the game, but only those who currently need voice actors will be listed here.

    About the Creator: theaspiefox

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold