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About SwordsTale (Undertale AU) (Animators,VA's,Etc Needed)

BEFORE you join the are some things you need to know .

1)  Must have a good Microphone to make your voice sound clear.

2)  This project is for Computers

3) Choose your character wisely because once you pick and get the role... you CANNOT change. You may audition for multiple roles but you CANNOT change or leave one role for the other.

4) Must Have skype so you can send your lines over and etc.

5) 14 years old or older




2) IF YOU AUDITION FOR IT CAN YOU PLEASE TRY TO SEND A VIDEO SAMPLE OF ONE OF YOUR ANIMATIONS!! OR SEND A YOUTUBE LINK TO ONE OF YOUR ANIMATIONS! any link to one of your animations is fine. If its a video sample send me the link to it.....

3) please add some color into it if you can please!!



Ok Now about the Project

Also this WILL be posted on my youtube, etc. We will record one chapter. And you will get breaks in between if you have irl stuff, which is fine.

So if you want to be part of a script reading then join this.

This is NOT a roleplay, it's a reading kinda....Like how people read fanfics and other people try to do the character's voice and all that....This is kinda like that but you stay as your character until it comes up.

(Btw... Echo and Lust have shadow powers....)

So the Story tells us about Echo's (the fallen human) past and how she ended up falling in the underground and etc. But once she falls down.... the underground has changed a lot. A character named Vixi is the FIRST human that came to the underground years later after the last timeline (which was decades ago, WAY before Echo fell). Vixi was a NEUTRALIST. She killed some of the monsters that got in her way of leaving the underground, The Monsters tried to befriend her but she showed no interest, no care for the monsters. All She did was manipulate them into believing that she was gonna set them free at last but once she reached the barrier, She killed Asgore and left, Causing for the entire underground to reset and stay imprisoned in the underground. The Monsters all thought they were FINALLY gonna get out but all she did was manipulate them. The monster soon grew Insane, Greedy, Evil, Mean, and showed no care to others. They all split off into groups and stayed away from each other. So the monsters have given up hope... they've turned against each other, made own little groups, so they all have a war in between them. But Echo falls down and meets a Half Human Half Monster named Scully (Not my character but a friend's character..he is in it), He helps Echo through the underground but her main goal isn't JUST to get out of the underground, she has to help the monsters back to their old selves and make them all become friends again then they all go to the surface but they run into some trouble along the way.....So if you're interested in joining the adventure.... come Join the group!!


 We WILL make episodes FASTER. No exceptions (Unless you have school stuff, important irl stuff,etc) I’m gonna need lines ASAP NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I’m gonna be working on the art, Music, Animations, scripts for now. YOU guys have the easier job of just recording lines. Some of you have A LOT of lines and some of you will have a little bit of lines but either way I’m gonna need them FAST!! My goal is to make more episodes (1-2) PER MONTH!! Not weekly because that would be pushing you guys too hard. ON THE WEEKENDS if you’re not busy PLEASE record your lines and send them to me, We need to move quickly on this series so we can introduce everybodies characters and all of us would be connected. PLEASE CHECK SKYPE VERY OFTEN IF YOU CAN FOR UPDATES, DEADLINES, ETC!! Oh, that reminds me. If you’re late sending in your lines, you will have a 2-3 day DEADLINE AND NO MORE!!

If you have any questions, just PM me and I’ll reply ASAP.

Thank you ^w^


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold