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Waywardsons's Previously Completed Works

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    About SPN: Audio Drama Series

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    Supernatural Audio Drama

    I am currently working on the script for it so the process will take more than five weeks. I am backtracking and re-watching the old Supernatural episodes. This fan series will focus on hunters other than Dean and Sam. It'll have some original characters mix in with canon ones. It should not interfere with the current storyline which has been told. This Audio Drama will take place around season one and follow along side it as events happen. Dean and Sam will be mentioned or contacted. Whether these characters interact with one another has yet to be set in stone.

    Jones, Warren, and Mattie are the three characters which I came up with. There was a forth character but I decided to discard him. Jones and Mattie are both hunters. Warren is the norm, the cilvian, who becomes the newbie.

    I haven't decided if Warren will be the narration focus of the Audio Drama. It makes sense to have Warren 'cause he's a new hunter, he's the newbie, and he doesn't know these things about demons or ghost. A fan would already know, so I'm still deciding between Jones and Warren.

    Jones and Mattie are experinced hunters, so they know a thing or two.

    As for character background currently–there isn't any blood relation. I wanted to take a different twist then the current Supernatural with the main characters being related.

    Jones got his name from Casey Jones, TMNT. His name was originally Casey, but I decided to go with Jones. The character has no first name.

    Warren was given his name because I wanted to avoid him having an "s" in it. I was also inspired by X-Men's Angel, who is named Warren. Is it a reference to him possibly being an Angel? I haven't figure that out yet, but I'm writing it down.

    Mattie's full name is Mattie Miles. Last name is related to Ash from Supernatural.

    When I came up with Mattie Miles I wanted a character that could take the place of Sam Winchester. Jones isn't some know it all even though he's a hunter and Warren is just a newbie. 

    The characters don't have a tragic backstory so far.

    I have come up with several introductions for the script, but still working on it.

    ° Jones loses his partner, so Warren decides to join him.

    ° Warren is involved in a case, decides that it beats the norm.

    ° Warren's family has a long history as hunters, he gets involved, and joins.

    There are different ways to do it, so I'm still working on the details.

    SPN: Audio Drama series

    Features Jones, Bill, Warren, Mattie, and Familiar as the main cast.

    Follows the original format for the SPN series.

    SPN: Croatoan 

    Is inspired by season five, episode 4, of SPN. This will follow most of the canon characters and some original characters at the begining of it all.

    So think The Walking Dead mix with We're Alive.

    About the Creator: waywardsons

    I am currently working on the script of the Supernatural fan Audio Drama series. I am in the porcess of creating several characters for it. I might and might not use Sam or Dean, but they will be mentioned in the series.

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