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About Super Smash Brothers. Crusaders(READ THE DESC!)

inspired from Super Mario Bros Z, Nintenga Ball GT, and a few others, I've decided to start my own Audio Drama crossover featuring Mario, Sonic,Kirby, and Megaman X


-Note that some of these audition descriptions contain spoilers to my story, try to keep them from reaching others outside of the auditions

-This takes place in an alternate continuity of Megaman X, the events of MMZ and MMZX never happened, Sigma is defeated and his virus form has mysteriously disappeared, but this is key to the events of the series

-In this continuity, Sonic and Amy's relationship is a lot like Sonic Boom, they claim to be just friends but both have mutual crushes on each other

-This takes place after the Smash tournaments, so most of the characters know each other from different universes except for MegaMan X

-The Hard Boiled Heavies have been rebuilt by Eggman, but Heavy King's relationship with Eggman is going through a rough patch, Eggman sees the HVHs like his 'children' and they have yet to meet Bowser's koopalings

-The Zelda universe involved in this case is Hyrule Warriors and Ganondorf has already been defeated so he will not make an appearance outside of flashbacks and references

-More roles will be added over time, so keep checking on this casting call for more roles in the meantime

-Eisenkreuz is pronounced "Eisen-kroitz", it's a mix of regular and Old High German for "Iron Cross"

-The Kirby universe is based on a mix of the games and Hoshi No Kaabii(Kirby of The Stars)

Preimise: 5 years have passed since the events of the Subspace Army and the worlds disbanded after the Smash Tournament, the days of heroes and villains have gone about as they usually do. But recently there have been attacks upon the homelands of heroes as well attacks upon both The Koopa Kingdom and The Eggman Empire by a mysterious mechanized military empire known the Eisenkreuz Empire which hails from a dimension Mythos from a nation known as Asgaurdia. Lead by the megalomaniacal Eisenkaiser Krieg, this dictatorship seeks to convert all organic life into biomechanical beings ruled under his flag. However, 4 gravely wounded rebels from the same dimension arrive to seeks the help of the champions of the multiverse, these 4 warriors are from their dimensions international order of holy knights known as the Crusaders of Light. With their order devastated, these four survivors hope for the champions to take their place and stop the Iseneskreuz Empire once and for all. They choose four brave individuals to lead the order, Mario, Sonic, Kirby, and Megaman X as their friends are also chosen to become the knights led under them. They must destroy the control capitals of the empire, collect the Core Fragments of Mythos, and put an end of the Eisenkaiser's regime before all their worlds are trapped in his iron grip forever

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