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    About Sunny day Singers!Love live Muse/Aqours Chorus group

    ~Aqours SUNSHINE!~ ~Muse music START!~

    Hello there, Sunny day singers is a chorus group that will have many singers for each character!I'm hoping the group will end up with about 30 singers!We will release covers every month alternating between Muse and Aqours (bar special occasions like Christmas/valentines etc).

    • Please make sure you can keep to a deadline, and consider that you will have one part per month to turn in.

    • Please put your discord ID in a comment under your audition since that's how we will communicate and since there will be more than one person for each role, I wont be able to ask for it after(if you're not comfortable putting it in a comment PM it me along with the roles you auditioned for)

    • You do not have to sound like the character!(I would suggest picking your best girl)

    • Males and females are welcome in this chorus (if you are a male who doesn't think they'll be able to sing in the same key as the original songs we can have you sing an octave (8 notes) lower.)

    • Introduce yourself in a comment below your audition with past roles and any other jobs you could do (mixing,video editing, art etc)

    • You can get a part as a member as Muse/Aqours and in Saint snow/A-rise
    Have fun auditioning and leave any other questions you have below!

    About the Creator: rune-eyes

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