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Yukikoyo's Previously Completed Works

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About Summertime Chorus [ Kagerou Project / Kagepro English Cover Group ]

Update October 27, 2019: We are currently recasting Seto and Hibiya!! All other roles are still closed, aside from artists and video editors!

Welcome to the official Summertime Chorus casting call!

This project is intended to gather other Kagepro fans and cover songs as if we were the characters themselves, in a sense!
Of course, the project won't last forever, as Kagerou Project has practically come to an end, but I hope to make the most of the time we work together with the songs we have!

The project is expected to last through all 20 songs, each being character exclusive. That meaning each cast person will get at least one solo! (With the exception of harmonies from other characters relating to the plotline)

Deadlines and the like for each cover will be discussed when it comes down do it, but there's really no rush! I want to do my best to make the best of the group, and if that means it takes a month to finish a single song, then that's how it'll be!

Each cover will be posted on the Summertime Chorus youtube channel! (Not yet created. Will be posted when more people are cast)
If you have questions, don't be afraid to DM me! I have no problem with touching up on other subjects that I didn't get here!

Basic Rules:
  • Please, be kind to other people auditioning. This group would be no fun if we were all mean to eachother, so please try to make it a safe and happy place!

  • Swearing is okay, but please no racial slurs. Said slurs make me, and many others, very uncomfortable and will quickly result in a ban

  • Please have at least a semi-decent mic! I don't mind clearing static for you, but your voice has to be able to be heard even without the clear

  • Discord is a must! All the planning will go on there, so please have it and be able to use it!

About the Creator: Yukikoyo


My name's Yuki!
I'm a minor and a youtaite as well as an aspiring voice actor!
I normally do voice acting as females with ranging pitches (usually medium-high,) but I also occasionally go for males with a medium-high range.

I currently do voice acting as a hobby (aka with no intention to make it a job that pays or anything,) but I still try to do it often. I'm actively looking for projects that will allow me to do more with my voice, but it's still a process;;

I really do hope whoever stumbles upon my little corner here enjoys my work!


Email: DM me
Discord: crime snake#6806
Tumblr: starspacenautica
Twitter: miraimaru_
Instagram: kinmirai_happyend

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold