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    About Students of the Apocalypse Casting Call (RPG Maker Game)


    Keep an eye out for the 2nd casting call in the next few weeks!!


    Title may change. Most art, including the characters will probably change. Most things may change atleast a little.

    This project is a game i'm making with RPG Maker MV. This is one of the first games I've tried to make and is by far the largest. It's nothing great in terms of game play, however i'm trying to make it a little more unique than most RPG Maker games.

    The main focus of this game is the story. It's very large and has many characters, most of which I want to have voices for.

    The game is still pretty early in development, but I’d like to get the voices done early so I get an idea for how they sound, and it’ll be easier to start adding in lines as I go rather than doing it all at the end.

    This will be purely voluntary as I have no money to pay voice actors. Currently I don't plan on selling this but that may change as I continue development, and if I believe it's worth it. If I do, I would love to compensate the voice actors, but this is unlikely.

    Okay, here's a brief description of the game:
    A large group of high school friends are preparing for an exam, before they realize the world as they knew it would soon be gone forever. The dead have risen and no one is safe. You can play as anyone that joins your party, however the story focuses on Carter and his three best friends Kelvin, Monica, and Oscar. You will fight the undead  and level up as survivors, however your skill doesn't always matter, as the story is what dictates who lives and who dies. You will play out the lives of these students, and you will help them learn the ways of the apocalypse.

     - Please be over 16 or mature enough, this game will deal with some pretty harsh topics and violence
    - Be quick to respond to emails and hand in lines on time. I would prefer you to have discord as it would make communicating a whole lot easier, but this is not required.
    - Be respectful, don't discourage people, everyone would rather advice, instead of being told they're bad.
    - Be committed, some roles have a lot of lines, and I wouldn't want to recast you because you gave up, or couldn't be bothered anymore. ONLY audition if you plan on seeing it through. This project will take some time, but I aim to have it done within 3-4 months.

    More roles will be added over the month, A LOT more. So be sure to keep an eye on the project for any roles you think would suit you.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold