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About Strange Paradise: Gothic Soap Opera Audio Serial - Episode One

Disclaimer: My journey to continue Strange Paradise began 9 years ago. The three episodes listed here have been previously recorded; however, why re-post you ask? It is certainly not because I didn't care for the performance of my previous voice actors! All of them did such a fabulous job and it means I'm going to be even pickier about selecting actors and actresses for these roles. Think of this as a reboot of my continuation. Why reboot it you ask? Back in 2012, I was just started out as a new audio drama producer. The production quality was rough at best and I made many rookie mistakes. Now I have grown so much as an audio drama producer and I know how to make my productions sound really good! ALSO, times have changed and I want my reboot to reflect that. While I will be using my original scripts as I feel they strongly captured the heart and feel of the original show, there was a common problem back then I hope to correct. There was little to no diversity and with this new continuation - reboot, I hope to rectify that issue. I want to hear many different voices from all walks of life! I will now designate certain characters which can be specifically played by BIPOC actors in effort to create an equal balance. 

Background: Strange Paradise was a Gothic Soap Opera which ran from 1969 to 1970. One could argue it road on the coattails of it's far more successful cousin, Dark Shadows (1966-1971). Often called 'Dark Shadows of the North,' this little known soap came out of Canada and oddly enough was able to snag a few of Dark Shadows' alum during its last half of the series. Sadly this was not enough to give the series the direction it badly needed. My continuation takes place directly when the series ended in the year 1970. Cort has inherited Desmond Hall with Jean Paul's permission, leaving Jean Paul and his fiancé to rush off and get married. However, all is not roses and rainbows. A darkness lies in wait for Jean Paul and his family...

What I'm looking for: Theatrical performances, but not too over-the-top. Often soap operas are synonymous with bad acting and while SP isn't without it's camp (like in Dark Shadows), all the actors took their roles seriously and that's the level of acting I'm looking for. All of the roles posted are recurring so be prepared to be in many episodes if you get cast. 

Recording: It has been pointed out to me that mp3s work the best here on CCC so please record your auditions using that format with no more than 3 different takes of each line. Remember to record in a quiet space, use a pop-filter, and either a USB (Snowball, Yeti) or XLR microphone with some kind of soundproofing. If you get cast, I will want WAV format. 

What you can expect from me: I will give feedbacks on all of your auditions, letting you know how you can improve. I realize in the past I've been a bit remiss with that, but for this project especially, it's important to for me to communicate with you all - especially if you are ALMOST there with your performance and just need some tips from me. :) When you are cast, you will be given a credit at the end of the recording and a written credit in the description of the video. Also, I will add your CCC page to the description and give you a follow/recommendation here. 

I also will not be making any casting decisions until after the deadline to give everyone plenty of time to audition. 

Pictures: A lot of the pictures come from the original series and for now, I will use other pictures of actors I feel could have voiced my original characters. However, I'd like to be able to work with a graphic artist who can bring these characters to life and make it a bit more engaging visually. 

My Team: Me, myself, and I, but I am looking for assistance if you're interested. The roles of Music Composer, Graphic Artist, and Foley Artist.

Strange Paradise will be uploaded to Youtube on my channel as part of my new audio drama company, Sole Twin Audios and also appear on the Mutual Audio Network and Moonlight Audio Theatre. Thank you all so much for audition!

About the Creator: soletwinaudios

Note: If you have Discord and would like to join the server to stay up to date on projects for Sole Twin Audios, send me a PM and I'll send you an invite!

*Sole Twin Audios Cover Art by Raylir

 Sole Twin Audios Podcast

My name is Rachel and I've been voice acting for audio dramas off and on for a number of years. I'm an Alto and often end up playing children, mothers, computers, male teens, and villains (my favorite kind of role). I'm happy to help out with your project for free at this point as I'm still getting comfortable with my craft. 

In addition to voice acting, I've produced a number of audio plays for studios such as Dream Realm Enterprises, The Sonic Society, the Mutual Audio Network, and the Narada Radio Company. 

As of 7-13-21, I'm ready to form my own Audio Drama company (Sole Twin Audios). At this point, I will still utilize my connections with the Mutual Audio Network and Moonlight Audio as they are high level traffic sites, but I plan on using both Anchor and possibly Youtube to begin hosting my original series: Old Time Radio Theatre, Reminisce With Me, Tierney's Tales of Terror, Strange Paradise (fan audio drama) and others. I also have a separate project for the company, Darker Projects called "Phobias Unlimited."  

-Projects I'm involved in (Voice acting)-

The Distant Silent Radio Hour - (Jude)

Gettysburg: The Civil War (Clara Barton)

The Infinite Realm (Mrs. Seltzer Avenue)

Crisis Barn (Nancy Landgraab) 

The Runaway 8 (Perfect Children/other characters)

Cryptic College (Extra) 

Both of Us (Hospital Receptionist) 

Character of Yoki (by JassyBella) 

Ghost Woman 1 (Soul Beneficiary) 

Awards for Writing

Honorable Mention: Project Henry (MBT Audio Drama Script-Writing Competition)

First Place: A Tale of Tierney (MBT Audio Drama Script-Writing Competition)

Second Place: Phobias Unlimited ("The Cellar" Writing Contest)

Phobias Unlimited 

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