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Kisuna's Previously Completed Works

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    About Story of the eight kingdoms [Otome game]


    I decided to change the name of the game because I wanted to add one more prince/kingdom to the story and also not to confuse with Game of Thrones!

    As of today (21 July) more characters will be added to audition for , be patient!

    I always wanted to make my own otome game /visual novel.

    I finally decided to start the project and including some voices to the characters would make the project even more fun and special!

    The story:

    The MC (default name : Risa) is an ordinary girl,atleast that's what she thought all her life until one day changed it all.... a mysterious packaged arrived at her door and for some reasons all the princes of the seven kindoms are after her or most likely after the weird package.

    What will Risa do? Will she help the princes? They're all very handsome but what's in the package? What's going on?


    English is not my first language, it might have a few grammar mistakes ,i'm trying my best. If you see any mistakes,kindly tell me and I'll fix them!

    More characters will be added soon.

    I will post the picture of the characters soon.

    The current pictures of characters are only sketches, official pictures will be posted later!

    If there are some similarities with other stories that I am unaware of, please tell me! I want to be as original as I can with my story!

    This is a original project, my story , my characters and it is a work in progress, Do not steal please.

    Everyone is free to join the auditions but I really want this project to be of good quality so of course if you have a good mic you have more chance of being cast (for short a good quality mic is a requirement for being cast, but is not required if you want to audition for fun, go for it!)

    I described the personallity of each char so try to be in the character when auditioning.

    All I can offer for now is a copy of the game (and you will get to play before anyone else) but we'll see later if I can offer something else when the project is completed :)

    Most of all, good luck and have fun with your auditions! I can't wait to hear them all! :D (and of course thank you for your audition!)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold