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Alonso Betancor's Previously Completed Works

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    About Stockholm


    Stockholm presents a world where, unfree of consequences, death row inmates are offered a bitterly short second chance at life. They live (mostly) guilt-free inside a sort of interpersonal, digital cloud (appearing real to all those around them). For 5 day's only, they're innocent, a collection of thoughts and memories manifested as a perfectly conscious human being.

    The story follow's Kjell, one of these commonly dubbed "Crystallines". After committing an unforgivable (yet partially accidental) vehicular murder, he returns to his world as a free man. He lives with his wife Lise, still carrying out his job as a tour guide. But under the pressure of Clemmens, a vengeful cop with a knack to remember, and the mere presence of Anton, the cocky womanizer he killed in the first place, his short-lived return into the world of the living may end as coldly as the city he inhabits.

    Stockholm is a story about love and jealousy, forgiveness and escapism. It's about the need for some kind of truth versus the longing to just end it all in flames.


    A traditional radioplay lasting around 15 to 20 minutes.

    What I'm looking for

    In the writing and hopefully acting of Stockholm, I'm going for a sort of laid-back, conversational tone.  I want it to feel like, even though its concept is a bit out there, you're just tuning in to a (somewhat) normal conversation.

    Content Warning


    Morally and emotionally unstable characters

    Light flirtatious undertones (brief mentions of the affair)

    Occasionally strong language

    (None of these are too serious, I just tend to list them incase they make people feel uncomfortable.)

    Technical Info 

    The lines should ideally all be in one file with Stereo sound.


    April 11th to April 19th - Audtions and final edits to story

    April 19th to 26th - First batch of lines should be recorded.

    April 27th to May 3rd - Second batch of lines should be recorded

    May 4th to 11th - Lines and music implemented into project

    May 12th - Ideal release date

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold