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About Steele City Audiobook, #2 The Metal Menagerie

Welcome to Steele City, where robots walk among humans and flying cars are part of the scenery. In this Jazz Age metropolis, this shining city is the symbol of the future. But beneath its sparkling chrome facade, an ugly underworld hides in the dark alleys and abandoned sewers of the city. With a police force unwilling to help, and powerful corporations and crime rings fighting for control of the most modern city in the world, things look bleak for the people.

But, working to protect the innocent and bring criminals to justice is the Iron and Glass Detective Agency, made up of: Zero Deuce, the world's only robot detective, and one of the few that understand human emotion. His creator, Philo Glass, a very gentle child prodigy with a gift for building machines. Harriet Steele, the blue-blooded secretary with sharp aim and a sharp tongue.

This dub will be a long-term project, with many parts to be cast in the future. These parts will be needed most immediately for the next dub. I narrated the first book by myself, and found I bit off more than I could chew trying to voice such a huge cast all on my own. So, I'm opening this casting call to anyone with a mic and some heart and soul.

This project...
--Is a Dieselpunk noir with themes focusing on the nature of humanity and equality, in addition to a great deal of gunslinging, high-flying, nail-biting adventure and action!
--Will be a long-term commitment. There are 73 shorts in this series, each an hour's worth of dialogue. Most of that is narration, but it still amounts to a lot of dialogue on your part if you're cast.

I require for this project:
--A decent quality recording. This means no plosives, sybillants, echoes, or static. There are many ways to improve your sound quality without spending money on a new microphone. I would recommend brushing up on these techniques to give your best possible audition. Most of these are resolved with something as simple as a quilt over your head and moving away from the microphone a few inches.
--You must be over the age of 16. Most of the characters are adults, and therefore require more mature voices.
--This audiobook series deals with scenes of intense action and heavy moral themes and emotional moments. You must be comfortable portraying them.
--We will do our work over Discord, and you must have access to it.
--Above all... have fun! This is going to be a rather large group effort, and it's always more fun with a team that enjoys what they do.

I also need sound editors for this production! If you are cast, there is a high likelihood that you will be recast for more roles in the future, or your character may appear again later in the series.


Thank you, and good luck!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold