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Dronesfoul's Previously Completed Works

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    About StarStriker Videogame Mod: Character Auditions

    Hello, this is Dronesfoul, and I'm currently involved with a friend on a special project: a Sci-fi, flight simulation Dogfight-esque game mod for the Windows PC game, Vector Thrust, currently titled: "StarStriker". Because the game's creator is very busy at the moment with other things, I've been assigned to seek out talented VA's to voice a lot of the character's in his upcoming game (being a major problem concerning its production).

    Unfortunately, the entire script has not been fleshed out yet. It should be noted that this page will be updated from time to time, possibly allowing for either more lines for a character that has very few or even new characters to try out for in the finalized story.

    What can be said of the plot so far is that it takes place in a distant future of advanced Spacecraft/Aircraft during a war between Martian Colonies and an Earthly Alliance, following a young man named Ken Satonaka who, while touring a SkyKnight facility for a school trip, comes across an invasion by fighters from the Martian Colonies and accidentally hides in, but also activates, an advanced fighter jet known as the "Mobius". After his first flying mission against the attackers, the famed SkyKnight Squadron recruits him as one of their own and together they set off on other dangerous missions while also running into a fierce, team of rivals from Mars: the X-Squadron.

    *Below is some gameplay footage of the game mod. It's currently still in Development. PLEASE NOTE that due to a rendering error, the footage (while still viewable) is primarily located on the upper-left corner of the screen.

    "And lastly, for almost any role available, the following lines- and variations of them- are almost universally needed. And for those not voicing a major character, so long as the basic meaning of the line is still intact, feel free to come up with your own equivalent lines to add some personality to the random mooks. Some of these lines get repeated a LOT, so the more variety you can add, the better."

    *These lines that are highly recommended for every character will be part of the "Extras" role, more information will posted alongside it. Please ignore the number of times you say each line so as to move the selection process further along unless advised to do otherwise, later on. All of these lines will not include the FOX lines.*

    “FOX 1!” x 8 (Launching Single Radar missile)

    “FOX 2!” x 15 (Launching heat seeking missile)

    “FOX 3!” x 10 (Launching dual radar missile)

    “FOX 4!” x 3 (Firing laser weaponry)


    (Taking Damage) x 8 (“I’m hit! Still defensive!”; “Gah, that got me!”; “You stubborn…!”)

    (Chasing Enemy) x 5 (“I’ve got him in my sights!”; “You’re not getting away.”; “You’re mine!’; “Die, you SOB!)

    (Scoring Kill) x 4 (“Take that!”; “He’s down.”; “Splash a bandit.”; “That’s a kill!”)

    (Encouragement) x 5 (“Nice kill!”; “That’s a confirmed kill!”)

    (Dying) x 4 (“I’m hit! I’m going down!”; “I can’t eject! Mayday!”; “I can’t...I can’t control it!”; “I’ve taken shrapnel!”)

    (Missing shot) x 5 (“How did that miss?!”; “What? He dodged it?!”; “Tch! Missed!”)

    (Dodging shot) x 5 (“Missile evaded!”; “Missile shot, trashed.”; “Ha! No way that would hit me!”; “Eesh, that was a close one…”)

    (Hitting Shot) x 5 (“Bull’s Eye!”; “Blew him away!”; “That’s a hit!”)

    (Locking On) x 6 (“Just a little more….there!”; “C’mon, baby, I need a Bull’s Eye!”; “Heh...You won’t be dodging this!”; “Locked on!”; “I’ve got this one.”; “Say goodnight!”)

    (Beginning to dodge) x 4 (“Uh oh, here it comes!”; “Missile alert?! Who shot that?!”; “A missile! Evading!”; “Which way to break?!”)

    (Hit by gun) x 4 (“Gah, get him off me!”; “He’s on my tail!”; “Oh no! My plane’s been cheesed!”)

    (Firing Gun) x 5 (“Take THIS!”; “Here’s a lot of bullets for you!”; “Bandit’s in gun range!”; “He’s in my sights, taking him down.”)

    (Adrenaline Mode [this is essentially the AI of the unit deciding to start playing seriously]) x 4 (“I’ve had enough of this!”; “Alright, now I’m PISSED!”; “It’s time to die!”; “Looks like it’s time to get serious.”)

    About the Creator: dronesfoul

    I was born in Houston, Texas. When I'm not at college, I usually reside in Pearland, where I play games, hang out with friends and family, and just have an all-around nice time. I also have Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger's Syndrome, but not a severe case.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold