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About 【Splatoon SFM Series】 Orange VS Black 【Follow up to Squad VS Squad】- Phase 2 of the casting call

A few months after the conquest match with TJ's squad VS Samantha's squad. The squidbeak splatoon send TJ (Agent 3) & Samantha (Agent 4) to find clues to someone who betrayed the special division from evil inklings & octarians. Someone who has everything taken from her, someone that has her memory wiped away. Someone... special!


Hi everyone. I'm TJ Kemp, but call me TJ Studio or TJ for short.

I'm a novice SFM animator that mostly does Splatoon animations. But I can animate other kinds of things, such as TF2. HL2, and probably other stuff.

I'm currently best known for my past Splatoon GMOD videos. Such as "A New Girlfriend". "Turf war with Kirby". "Major Octoling's Intel". And... "Squad VS Squad" (Part 4 of course, which it got 200k+ views)

This fan-made project is going to be a hero follow-up to my popular Splatoon GMOD series in the past. Squad VS Squad, which again, the part 4 video got over 200k+ views. How exciting! :D

I have a few roles I wanted you to do. But of course, I'll be taking the role as myself. I have an inksona ya know?


What you'll need

  • A decent quality microphone. [Ex: Blue Yeti] High-quality microphones [Ex: AT2035 or any other XLR mics] are not required. But it'll be great! Just make sure they're good quality!
  • Little or no background noise, distortion & popping. That's very important when it comes to voice acting!
  • Age limit: 14 or older
  • To follow the deadline with the script I've given you!
  • A little understanding of the Splatoon game!



1: This series will have motion captured animations. Powered by iPiSoft Go check it out here!

2: I'll be inviting people to a special discord server for those who got the roles. But of course, anyone can join! Here's the invite link to it.

3: This project will be released episodically on YouTube & BitChute! (& Soon. Fluttr & Vanillo)


CCC Project Dates

February 13th: Beginning of the project!

May 13th: Phase 1 deadline

A little bit after the deadline: Phase 1 casting

May 15th: Beginning of writing a script

Summer 2018: Beginning of the production for episode 1

July 5th: Phase 2 beings

Undecided datePhase two deadline


If you have any questions regarding the project. Shoot me a PM or an email (tjplaymc @

Good luck everyone!

(P.S. This is my first CCC project, so don't expect it to be quality approved, high-amateur or professional level)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold