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About 【Splatoon Manga Dub】Octo Expansion 【CoroCoro】


After the square king cup at inkopolis square and helping Crusty Sean getting his food truck fixed up. Goggles went on a job for Grizzco to do some golden egg collecting. That was until he managed to fail the jump back to the boat and was stuck in the water. Now he's stranded in the deepsea metro with Kamabo corporations deep underground. But he's going to get some help with his new octoling friend who lost his memory named Hachi. (Means number 8 in Japanese) But how will they survive deep underground? This question will be answered in the Splatoon 2 octo expansion manga from CoroCoro comics.


About The Project

Hi everyone. I'm TJ Kemp, but call me TJ Studio or TJ for short.

I'm a newbie (Or novice) voice actor & a novice SFM animator that mostly does Splatoon animations. But I can animate other kinds of things, such as TF2. HL2, and probably other stuff.

I'm currently best known for my past Splatoon GMOD videos. Such as "A New Girlfriend". "Turf war with Kirby". "Major Octoling's Intel". And... "Squad VS Squad" (Part 4 of course, which it got 400k+ views)

This project is going to be a manga dub for CoroCoro's take on the octo expansion. Which will range from goggles just helping Hachi, to battling Commander TarTar with goggles and all of his friends.

I have a few roles in place. But of course, I'll be taking the role of Commander Tartar myself. While my friend, First-Mate Ben, will be taking the role as Rider.


Please have the following requirements.

  • A decent quality microphone. [Ex: Blue Yeti. Blue snowball is fine!] High-quality microphones [Ex: AT2035, Neumann TLM 103 or any other XLR mics] are not required. But it's highly preferred! Just make sure they're good quality.
  • Little or no background noise, distortion, popping & echo. That's very important when it comes to voice acting!
  • Age limit: 14 or older
  • A discord account. We'll use this as our primary method of communication and providing updates
  • Being able to show emotion or expression to your audition.
  • Being able to provide a couple of takes for your audition. (2-3 takes)
  • To follow the deadline with the script I've given you.
  • A little understanding of the Splatoon game!


Where will it be released on?

I'm planning on releasing the comic dub episodically on YouTube, BitChute, & Vlare.



If you have any questions regarding the project. Please feel free to PM or email me at "tjplaymc @".


 Final note

I wanna thank everyone who is auditioning for the project. You're the reason you made me grow as an SFM animator & a voice actor. From Splatoon to TF2! Maybe I'll work with big voice acting studios and/or move on to wholly original content once I've gathered a team of animators, a modeler, a mapper/scene-builder & more!

If you simply don't have time to audition. Please help spread the word by sharing this casting call around. It'll help get a little more auditions.

Good luck everyone!


Manga By

Sankichi Hinodeya & CoroCoro Comics

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold