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Crazy Awesome Caylen's Previously Completed Works

    Info for 101

    Learn to power up like a Super Saiyan

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    About Spirit of the Wolf (Minecraft Roleplay)


    Must  Have

    1. Skype
    2. Minecraft (optional)
    3. Working Mic
    4. Good Connection
    5. Good Attitude


    1. Must respect director
    2. No cursing/swear words
    3. Must be available when asked (when your not able to make it you must let director know AHEAD OF TIME)
    4. Little to no absences
    5. Must get along with others
    6. Be open to constructive criticism
    7. No threats
    8. No dropping out
    9. No background voices (So no yelling or talking behind you)
    10. Be open to sub for other roles

    Note: You may have some parts that you would not like to play. If this happens discuss with director to find an appropriate substitute. You may use background ambiance and any ideas that may help the series be more effective please feel free to contact me.
    Be Aware: All videos will be posted on my YouTube channel. Go check it out at Crazy Awesome Caylen. If you would like your channel, twitter, insta, snapchat, etc. let me know and i will put you in the description. If you would like to upload mini games on your channel with others you may, NOT MAIN ROLEPLAY!

    More Roles To Come
    Secret of the Mowin is a series about 3 tribes. The Mowin, the Wolfkin, and the gifted. The Mowin are cat people. They have cat ears, a cat tail, cat claws, and cat flexibility. The Wolfkin have wolf ears, a wolf tail,  wolf smell. The gifted are humans. They have extraordinary abilities and powers. The Mowin and Wolfkin have to unite if they want to overtake the demon lord Landon. The gifted have to unite the to tribes but as they try too unite them they come into conflict with the lord of Macaria. Malac is the lord Macaria and he hunts the gifted because he wants the Mowin and Wolfkin to go to war. Normally Malac is a good ruler and friend to all tribes but he was mind was taken by Landon. He sends out his minions and Saiege the lord of Lataenia, Zarriea the lord of Canta, and Livine the lord of Scaldwin. The three come together to take down Malac and his minions while Landon takes over their world.  They come across a secret that takes control of one of the three. She turns on the team sabotaging the team and setting back the mission. When Saiege finds her best friend from childhood Ravanna. She finds that Ravan killed her father. She thought he died of sickness but he died of something else. The three find that they are linked to Landon in a way they don't know of. The team takes help from thieves, bars, princes, and multiple anonymous tips. While finding love on the way. They have to unite tribes, solve murder,  capture criminals, free slaves, find love, and more. Join them on their join in the Spirit of the Wolf.

    The 7 Lands
    The first land belongs to Livine. She can tell from the plants and the land, things that happen, have happened, and what will happen. She controls the weather and the earth sides with her. Livine's land is rich.  Livine's land is called Scaldwin.

    The second land belongs to Zarriea. Don't let her blue hair fool you. She controls fire. She uses fire to tell the stories of the dead. She can tell the past of any human with her flame.Zarriea's land is crisp and dead. Zarriea's land is Canta.

    The third land belongs to Saiege. Saiege controls health. She heals people and can take life from people to heal herself. She can make elders young again, heal children, take life and give it to others. Her land is healthy. Saiege's land is called Lataenia.

    The fourth land belongs to Malac. Malac controls rock. He takes it from the ground and uses it to help people. He can create houses, bowls, shelves, an entire living space out of stone. Malacs land is dry and desert like. His land is called Macaria.

    The fifth land belongs to Ezra and Mae. They rule the Wolfkin. They have wolf scent and are equivalent to dogs. They are like wolves and can turn into one. They can track things down from miles away, kill without mercy, and hate the Mowin. Wolfkin land is dark and fer-biding. They are the Wolfkin.

    The 6th land belongs to the Lacasta. She rules the Mowin. The Mowin are like cats. They have cat ears, cat tail, cat claws. They are incredibly flexible and can fit threw almost anywhere. There land is joyous and full of life. She rules the Mowin.

    The 7th land belongs to Landon. He controls death. He kills for fun and takes over land. He wants to destroy the 7 lands and kill the Lords one by one. His land is bloody. Full of death with not a single soul in sight. His land is called. Liphidium.

    The 3 Worlds
    The first world is Castasia. This is where the 7 lands rule.

    The second world is the Nether world. This is where Alan rules.

    The third world is the Ender world. This is where Damon rules.

    These worlds are at war. Killing and maiming innocent people. But these worlds will be included in a different series.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold