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Magic Musume's Previously Completed Works

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    About Spider Queen

    Hello CCC! This is my first time posting a project here so please correct me on my mistakes!

    This is a visual novel that I've been meaning to create for a while. The main script is still in progress, but I've decided that I would like some voices to help build the characters. So here I am!

    More roles will be added as time goes on! If you don't like any of the current characters, wait for everyone to be added.

    What is Spider Queen about? 

    Spider Queen is set in a world where mythical creatures and the such are the norm (as in normal) and humans are almost extinct/extremely rare. There are a bunch of different worlds where different laws and different creatures come to live. The other thing is that the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues are personified into 14 beings from the worlds. They naturally live for millennia and have always assumed one mind and soul, but possess different bodies. When their body is killed, the soul drifts on and possess someone else.

    An organisation called SPIDER works to find and kill all the sins and virtues to trap the souls and vanquish the evil forever. SPIDER also crowns a queen and each queen tricks people into joining their cause. If anyone tries to leave, the queen is allowed to eat them. But the queen is not allowed to be killed, making it a problem if they possessed the soul of a sin or virtue.

    In the present day, a young angel with devil horns called Taoreta is our main protagonist. Taoreta works with her father, the sorcerer Hoshi and a team of six talented young people to find all fourteen sins and virtues and keep their souls free from SPIDER. It will involve a lot of world jumping, something Taoreta has never done before...

    No main roles will be cast until the deadline, but minor roles will probably be cast before then.

    Due to change. As of now, it is the 5th of June, but that will most likely change.

    I am hoping that the final game will be around an hour long if you explore through all the routes. There will be different decisions that you can make which will affect the story in the long run. 

    Since the game will have multiple routes, when lines will be required will be different. I will give everyone a month from when they receive the segment of the script to send in their lines. You will need to contact me if anything pops up that will effect that. You will also need to contact me if you need to drop off the project, otherwise, I will still expect your lines and go on a wild goose chase to find you.

    Other than that, the number of lines for each character will vary with how important they are.  Once the script has been completed fully, I will include the final count of all the lines. As of now, it goes as follows.

    Taoreta - 30
    Narrator - 15
    Ocha - 11
    Hoshi - 7
    Pollo - 7
    Ningyõ - 5

    - Decent mic quality is preferred, but minimal background noise is acceptable.
    - Please make sure to read the descriptions for each character and at least put some effort into your voice! I'd love it if you tried out for multiple roles, but please be warned that you may be cast for multiple roles.
    - You can do multiple takes for each line, but no more than 5.
    - Make sure you are easily accessible from either skype, discord or email.
    - Try to send in lines within a month of receiving them, if you are cast. I will allow extensions if any problems show up, but otherwise, you will be expected to hand them in within the month.
    - Don't disappear off the face of the earth! If you don't feel like doing it anymore or give up, please tell me.
    - Have fun! This project is supposed to be a fun thing to work on in my spare time and I'd like you guys to have fun too.
    - Any more questions then contact me on discord (BetteNoire eg #2746) or by email (Please ask).

    That should be it. Thank you for reading!

    About the Creator: MagicMusume

    My name is Musume and I am an aspiring voice actor! :) I don't have much of a range in my voices apart from pitch and tone but hopefully I can learn a thing or two from this website! 

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