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About F.A.M. Expeditions: Spartan Rising | A Quick and Clean Deal

Key Note: If you take on a "Lead" or "Supporting" role then you need either a Discord or a Skype Account. It's a whole lot easier to record and communicate with once you get accepted. Also make sure your microphone is "top notch" material and doesn't pick up any interference or background sound.

What is Freaks Among Machines and where does this particular part fall in?:
Most of the story takes place between the late 1960's up to 1981. This all takes place in an alternate reality where the entire population span was genetically cloned as a desperate attempt to boost the population during the 1950s. Everything seen in this takes place in a fictional city called "The Badlands", located in New Mexico. But this part currently takes place at the very beginning...

The Story so far:
                    The year is currently 1967-1971, around when the Vietnam War was escalating and when troops were being drafted into the war, the main character "Solomon" gets drafted and sent off to South Vietnam to help maintain order and control of the ongoing war. After an entire year of service, he comes back with his entire squad wiped out, only him and his Squad Sergeant remain.
                 When returning home, he finds out that his house has been robbed with his wife being killed and his daughter, "Abigail", all beaten up. From the shocking events of his once normal and innocent family, Solomon wants to avenge his dead wife, no matter the cost of his own or others around him.
                 After the horrifying events, Solomon enlists in becoming a private mercenary for "Mann Co." as the money he makes off the US government doesn't cut the insurance for the damage or the bills but instead risks his own life once more to maintain what's left.
                 After several months working under Mann Co, Solomon meets his old Sergeant randomly at a bar, he claims that he is now running a "Weapon laundering" operation called the "Spartan Corporation" that would sell weapons and military equipment in the local area or across the Gulf of Mexico. Not knowing about all the risks and dangers weapon laundering would have, Solomon accepts his requests and begins working for his old, retired Sergeant. As business goes by, he begins to see that the only way to get what you want is through power, force, and greed.

Current Timeline:
                   Solomon strikes a deal with a private nightclub host named "Gretel", him requesting for several firearms and ammunition, pleading at least $2.5 Million dollars in cash payment. Gretel accepts the cash offer and wants him to meet up at his place. Solomon heads down to the nightclub to make the deal, once inside and when the deal was about to be made, Gretel makes two of his "broads" distract Solomon, hoping their seduction would make him forget about the whole deal and leave the club drunk and empty handed. Solomon breaks out into a pit of rage, not because of the fake deal but he began to hallucinate over his fallen soldiers back in Vietnam and his dead wife.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold