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About Soundless Voice Cover | Chorus (Jap. OR Eng.)

Hello hello~ This is going to be a rather simple project to which I might do the entire Soundless Voice Trilogy. And if things go well (everyone gets along and haves fun), I might even start a special chorus group that I plan to create in the future!

So, it's winter time now. And for me, I always always always, for some reason think of the song "Soundless Voice" by Len Kagamine. I have always wanted to do a cover of it, but I always managed to tell myself that alone I would just ruin the song ; v ; So, after many years, I have decided to create a casting call for people to sing with me! It would also be nice for me as it could be a celebrational video on my Youtube channel, haha~!

So, as you may have noticed in the title, I wrote out "Jap. OR Eng". This is pretty self-explanatory-- depending on how many people audition and how many people sing in Japanese of English will determine what the cover will be! It might be a Japanese chorus or an English chorus! I look forward to hearing you all!

I will not be putting anything like "vocal range" in the descriptions. 
I personally think that it doesn't matter, as this creates a more diverse sound to it. 
All that matter is that you sing because you like to sing or you want to get better at it

-Please be kind to those who audition! Don't say anything rude to them as you might find yourself in a discord group/email tag with them as a fellow singer. So be nice!

-Please have a decent microphone. It doesn't have to be too fancy, but I'd like to hear your audition with very little background/white noise.

-Don't be shy! Be confident! Don't let the fear of being a "bad/okay/decent singer" hold you back from auditioning. I want to hear your voice!

-English Lyrics. If you want to sing this song in English, please use SirHamnet (I'm a huge fan ahhhh senpaiiii) lyrics! You can use this link as a reference!

-Discord? I'm not too sure if everyone would like to communicate via discord... I'd like to, as it would be helpful for future works, but you might not have it or have already too many servers ^ v ^;; So, when you audition, please leave a comment stating whether or not you would like to be in a discord group!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold