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About Soul Resonance Casting Call Part 2!!

This is a part two to my previous casting call~! I'm at a call for arms for emergency voice roles, if you're interested!! Please audition~!

*a repeat of they previous casting call's description!!*

So this is an audition page for anyone who is willing to voice act as any of the characters in an upcoming series on my channel called Soul Renocanse. A concept is slightly similar to the wonderful anime, Soul Eater. But there are a lot of extreme variations and I am highly looking forward to seeing who tries out for what! Whoever Auditions and gets accepted is invited to me and Mel's staff team! If you do choose to apply and audition, you will get spoilers for all of the things I do on my channel and such. And you are NOT permitted to release any information of the staff team and the RPs themselves. If you do, I'll take personal offense to it and I will kick you from the staff and kill off your character you voice in the easiest ways possible. My Youtube Channel is Dally Ann, and most do know me from my time voice acting for the YouTubers 09Sharkboy and FavreMySabre

About the story and the RP itself :
It is completely NOT related to the original show but it is a fan AU of it in a sense? It grasps the same concept of kishins, shinigamis and the weapon and meister academy. If you are not exactly familiar with the show itself I suggest watching it ASAP for its one of my personal favorite animes. It follows the main characters, Dalilah, Anthony, Melody, and Craig as they journey into the amazing academy known as the Riverview Soul Mastering Academy. There are incredible plot spoilers if I were to write a full summary of the story here but luckily I won't!

Requirements :
*A good quality mic (no background noise and such, make sure I can understand you!)
*Audacity (an audio editing and sharing application)
*Discord (where most of this will be recorded)

I hope to meet all of those who are accepted and I look forward to meeting you!

*if these roles are not filled by the due date then i will force people i know into these roles*

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold