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About Soul Calibur O.C. Battles

Welcome everyone! This is a Soul Calibur Fandub project. This project will feature all of my original characters throughout the series.

In this project, you’ll be performing all of the actions of my characters as they will duke it out in a variety of battles against each other. There will be several marquee matches within my cast of fighters, so you will be seeing those kinds of fights as we move forward during the project. If you have played the series since Soul Calibur III, then you are able to select an actor or actress voice that suits your character. However, this time you guys will be providing the voices for these unique and talented warriors and show off more originality.

I have created a total of 38 fighters throughout the series so far. 10 from “SCIII”, 4 from “SCIV”, and 24 from “SCV”.

Choose any character you want to audition for and I’ll have voice clips provided for you guys directly from the games. Example fights will be provided soon, so you’ll have a good idea on what’s in store.

Once you are cast, we’ll work on your character’s complete quote video. Depending on the game of course. If your character appears on either “SCIII” or “SCIV”, then you’ll be doing two sets. But if your character is from “SCV”, then you’ll only do that one. Also, you will have the pleasure to choose the person that you like to face off against during the project. Otherwise, I’ll choose the battle for you instead. There will also be some combo videos involved as well. All of them will be done by me.

Each battle will be done in three rounds. Who will be the victor for each battle is anyone’s guess.

I wish you all the best luck!


1. Some characters will have the same quotes as other characters in each game because I used a particular actor’s voice for them.

2. Your recordings of your work must be in very good quality no matter what.

3. Listen to the voice clip examples I’ve provided for each character and choose the best one that suits you best. You can also add a little creativity for the character you’re auditioning for. Just as long as it fits their personality.

4. Once you’re cast, I will need you to add me on Discord. My Discord Tag is BlueStar05#6412. I’ll give you more instructions from there.
5. Have fun with it! There are plenty of characters to choose from here. So explore your options.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold