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About Sonic the Hedgehog: Tossed in Space (Archie StH #126-129 Comic Dub)

Unfortunately, this project was unable to come to fruition. No further auditions are being accepted, and personal circumstances alongside editing and team issues have caused it to fall through. Maybe someday it will return in a new form.

When the alien Xorda threatened all life on planet Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog was forced to team up with his worst enemy, Doctor Robotnik! Though successful, they could not prevent the activation of the Quantum Dial, a weapon capable of wiping out the entire Mobian solar system. Only Sonic possessed the power to destroy the Dial, and although it was believed that the effort would cost him his life, he acted anyway, making a heroic sacrifice.
Now, his loved ones believe him dead, but in reality, Sonic has been propelled to a far and distant galaxy!

Remember that time Sonic went to space and met aliens? I do!
The Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics series was quite the wild ride. Getting to see what sort of crazy adventures could be had with the Sonic series was kinda the fun of it. Not to mention the incredible art and amazing writing, of course. One of the weirdest by far was the Tossed in Space arc, where in the aftermath of the world-shattering 125th issue had Sonic traveling into space. This started what I consider the second era of Archie Sonic, as having Sonic be stuck in space for a year forces changes in the world. And what changes there were!
But before we return to Mobius, we have to get there. And so, this comic drama is all about following Sonic's journey to get back home. There's a ton of crazy characters here that won't return again, but were still fun to see.
How about we do our best to breathe new life into this old series?

-You must have a Discord account, as that is how our team will communicate.
-You must have a microphone - no, your computer mic doesn't count. At least a Snowball or good-quality phone mic - just make sure it's good. Also, try to reduce static as much as possible, whether that be through microphone filters or after-the-fact editing with Audacity.
-This will be released in seven parts, in accordance with the original comics' division of the story. At the end, however, a supercut will be compiled with all parts.
-Tossed in Space will be publicly uploaded on YouTube under the CreeperNinja360 channel.

(Some roles require more than one person to fill out, so multiple people may be chosen for one of the following roles.)
Crew of the Magesteron
Crew of the Sentelle
Racing crowd
Misc. Aliens
Argentium police

P.S. For those having previously read the comics and wondering why the roles of Sonic and Super Sonic aren't listed, it's because I'll be taking those roles myself. The rest of them, though, are fair game.
P.P.S. The deadline is not final, and I will push it back if necessary. I'm just hoping to get most of these roles filled by next month.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Sonic: CreeperNinja360 (Me) (
Narrator: Ethan Brown (
Deeble, Captain Oe: artificialalien (
Professor Parg: Holden LLL (
Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoid, Bio-Pod System Voice, Kir-Ta, Ceneca-10050, Rosemary Prower: Shadamylover95 (
Scarabb/Amadeus Prower: jakethegoodman (
Tough Guy Alien: bradleyangel125 (
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik: D the Hedgehog (

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