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    About Sonic Skyline Audio Drama

    Many thanks to KJDragon, aka VestedJester70, for the wonderful cover art used in this project!

    Project Summary

    If you are a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, you may have heard of someone by the name of Drawloverlala.  She's an incredibly talented artist who developed her own, extremely popular AU known as Sonic Skyline.  A while back, I asked her permission to write a fanfiction for this incredible universe, to which she agreed, and I have since been developing a story. There are currently eleven chapters, with plenty more on the way but I have decided to integrate voice acting into this project by turning each chapter into an audio chapter.  I will be narrating each one, but as the story goes on, dialogue becomes much more prevalent.  I would prefer to use voice actors in the reading of most character lines, so as to make the audio drama more interesting and believable.  


    If you are cast, I would prefer you stay with the project as long as you are able.  However, I completely understand that people have lives outside of this sort of thing and those are top priority.  If this becomes too difficult for someone to commit to. I would only ask for them to let me know before leaving so that I can find a replacement as soon as possible.  That being said, every person I choose will have been selected for their unique interpretation of a role so please take into consideration that you are a valuable member of the team. 

    Cast members are encouraged to have a Skype, but I am perfectly fine with communicating by email if it's needed.  In addition, I would like to avoid foul language and any other mature themes when working in group chats or otherwise.  

    Important Audition Information

    1)  Please have a good quality microphone and reduce background noise as much as possible.  This will severely impact your chances of receiving a role.

    2)  Multiple takes of a line are better because they allow me to hear your vocal range.  If you would like to improv with a character, be my guest. I only ask that you refrain from using any foul language in doing so.  

    3)  Certain lines have prompts explaining the emotion that I feel should be expressed when it is spoken (giggling, worried, etc.).  However, if I do not have a prompt there, it is either because I think the line itself reveals the context to a great enough extent or I would like you to infer what it means on your own.  Regardless, you can always ask me to explain context if you find it too difficult to recognize by yourself.

    4) The number of characters is limited in the beginning but as the chapters progress and new characters are introduced, I will be adding more roles.  Also, keep in mind that a character listed as "minor" in this call could very well become a lead role later on.  Such parts will be marked with an asterisk, so please keep that in mind when choosing what to audition for.  There is a list of future characters at the bottom of this page, so please look there to see if there any others you would like to try for as well.  

    5)  Please keep in mind that if I'm unable to find the voices that I need, the project may end without any victors. But if that happens, please do not take it as a testament to your voice acting skill!  Sometimes voices can be incredible, but fall short of what is needed for a specific role.


    I'm excited to begin this project and hope that I will be able to do so soon!  Please, have fun auditioning and feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Good luck!

    Characters I intend to add later include but may not be limited to:

    **Confirmed** (These are characters I have already determined will play a role in the overall story.  If you would like to audition for any of them before they have been listed, just message me and I will add them to the call.)


    -Blaze the Cat


    -Chip (Gaia)

    -Knuckles the Echidna

    -Marine the Raccoon



    -Shade the Echidna

    -Shadow the Hedgehog

    -Shard the Metal Sonic

    -Sir Charles (Chuck)

    -Sticks the Badger



    -Wendy Witchcart (within the next few chapters)

    **Undecided** (These are characters I have not yet decided will be used)

    -Bark the Polar Bear

    -Bean the Dynamite

    -Big the Cat



    -Fang the Sniper

    -Maria (Maria will definitely be a part of the story but I have not decided if she will actually make an appearance.)


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold