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About Snow Valley Minecraft Roleplay

Snow Valley is the revamped version of Silver Snow.

Once in a land of mystical creatures and darkness lived a queen and a king they ruled over a land called Melodica. Melodica was a land filled with happiness, hope and life. Until the dark kingdom called calamitous attacked. At the time the king and queen of Melodica had a baby girl…She was the hope and joy of the kingdom, she was their pride and joy. When Calamitous attacked, the king and queen of Melodica sent their baby girl to a land far away where there were also mystical creatures. She was sent to the land of Snow. This is a land of modern times.
The baby girl showed up at a couple’s door on the time of the new moon. The couple heard crying at their door and who they saw would change their lives forever. The baby had a name with her, her name is Nova…Nova grew up with her family never knowing the truth of who she really is. She always knew she looked different from her parents but never knew why. She grew up loved and cared for. Now this is where we start her story. This is her first day on going to Silver Snow a school made for the creatures of the unknown. A school that protects all royals or not royals.
Where the series will be posted:
My Channel
1. You Must have a mic!
2. Little to no background noise
3. Please be 13 years or older (some exceptions)
4. You can cuss but not in the roleplay itself (besides shit and some other not really cuss words)
5. Must Have Discord! (you can't apply if you don't have discord!)
6. Be committed to the roleplay!
7. No harassment of others please
8. Not required to but if you have minecraft please tell me with your audition!

About the Creator: redmoon2468

Hello! The name I go by is Scarlet and I am 17 years old! 

I own a company called Koriwa as well as a new start up Minecraft Network!

I have a few skills so I may as well mention them!

My skills

⤷ Photoshop

⤷ Video Editing

⤷ Minecraft Skin Art

⤷ Voice Acting

⤷ Piano

⤷ Singing

⤷ Staff Management

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold