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    About Snotgirl: The Unofficial Comic Dub

    Hello! Welcome to the casting call for “Snotgirl: The Unofficial Comic Dub!” Where obviously we’ll be dubbing Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung’s Image Comics title “Snotgirl!” Snotgirl is a comedy/murder mystery based in Los Angeles focusing mainly on the life of Lottie Person, a 20 something year old fashion blogger with some deep, dark secrets: she has horrible allergies that make her nose and eyes run! Not only that, her ex (who may or may not still have feelings for her) is the only boy she’s ever kissed and dating some nobody named Charlene! When she one day meets Caroline, a cool and super alluring fashion blogger outside her group of friends in “The Haters Brunch,” she instantly wants to be friends. But something about Caroline is weird, and the situations that come from being around get more and more dangerous. Is Lottie in over her head? What’s Caroline’s deal? Whose exactly is Virgil? Why is this ex-fashion student turned cop investigating her? Is Charlene stalking Lottie? And most importantly, will Lottie ever get it together?
    This is Round 2 of casting, due to a prior run only attracting a few people for some characters. This will be a bit of undertaking considering the large supporting cast, but currently there are only 10 issues of the series out. Each issue is 32-33 pages long, and in typical O’Malley fashion (fashion jokes GET IT) written with hilarious dialogue. This series deals with some LGBT and some possibly triggering moments, so please know that before auditioning. Right now, we’re only casting for Issue 1, and if it gains enough interest we’ll continue. Currently, this is UNPAID project, only existing for a fun and entertaining way of reading the series as a whole. Now with that out of the way, let's get to the casting requirements!

    Casting Requirements:

    1. We prefer accepting applicants with XLR Microphones, however we will make an exception if your recording is high quality for a USB Microphone (proper noise reduction, normalizing, etc.)
    2. Prior experience is not necessarily required, but it is recommended. If you have a character demo reel/visual demo reel, that would be ideal for understanding your range and abilities as a voice actor. If we feel that you would be best for another character in your audition, we will let you know!
    3. Ability to take live direction via Discord, we want the line readings to be as accurate as possible to the source material.
    Auditions must be 16 bit WAV files, labeled “Character Name - YourName/Screenname.” 

    4. Having fun with your role or just in general is EXTREMELY encouraged! We want this to be a semi-serious project, but that doesn’t stop us from you as a voice actor from enjoying yourself a little. Any bloopers you may have please keep to a minimum, but are welcome as long as they are in the end of your recording.

    About the Creator: deleted14716

    A young and eager voice actor ready for work! Dependable on lines and always ready for new opportunities! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold