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Kumabear123's Previously Completed Works

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    About 「SlushieFandubs」Youkai Watch: Lord Enma and the Five Tales (Tale #2)

    Greetings, everyone. I present to you, the first project planned for ~Slushie Fandubs~, Youkai Watch: Lord Enma and the Five Tales, Nyan (Tale #2)! We will have a Discord chat and your presence in that Discord chat is MANDATORY so we know you're alive and willing to be in the movie. This movie dub will have a LOT of waiting and patience so, if you are chosen to be a voice actor in the movie, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND if we are 3 months late or some reason.

    Some reminders & rules:
     - We are using the Japanese names to avoid confusion because at this time of revealing this dub, not everyone in this movie has been released in the US.
     - HAVE A DECENT MIC PLEASE~! We don't want random clicking or background noise. Or atleast cheat and have an audio editor.
     - Of course, have Discord! I need to make announcements and send scripts through Discord, plus it's easier to just be in a server with much channels than Skype, where you need to make much chats for announcements and stuff.
     - Please, don't troll audition. It will waste my own time and yours.
     - For anyone who was wondering, yes! This project will be uploaded on YouTube on my YouTube channel, StellarHikari.

    Info About The Movie:
    Based on my memory about the movie, this movie consists of five tales of Youkai. One about Keita becoming a Youkai, another about Jibanyan reuniting with his past owner, Emi, and so on.

    For this fandub, we'll be using the tale of Jibanyan reuniting with Emi!

     - Watch atleast some of the Youkai Watch episodes of the anime and/or the movie.
         • Don't watch ALL of the episodes. Watch the ones with your character in it. Or even better, just watch the movie. Watching the movie can give you an idea of what your character's voice should sound like.
     - Don't join if you are expecting to be paid.
         • I'm too young to be paying people over the internet. I don't even get my own money and I will not steal my parents' credit cards. Not risking it, people.

    About the Creator: kumabear123

    Hello, I'm "Tsuchinoko," or kumabear123 if you prefer to use that name.
    I'm mainly an amateur singer, but I sometimes try doing voice acting.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold