Casting Call for Singers Needed!

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    About Singers needed!

    Icewolf Productions is a small productions what works with comic dubs, abridged series, animatic series, fan-dubs, and original work. IWP (Icewolf Productions) has been up for about 2 years. We have 55+ people as we hope to expand today! Why? Because these are auditions for singers!
    Why is the productions casting singers?
    IWP is casting singers because we also work with singers. We have about 5 singers and need about up to as much as we possibly can get. So, directors have decided to create a casting call hoping we can get enough. 
    Where can I find the channel to the singers?
    That is something I get questioned a lot. As a director, we sadly had to separate the two. We have a soundcloud for the singers and a youtube channel for the productions. . Here you will find some of the work we have done so far. We try to upload as much as possible on the soundcloud to get it more well-known and more followers. 
    How will the auditions work?  
    This is a confusing process, we plan to have a system though. Directors the two main (Monique lead co-director, Joella lead director, and Sydney director) will look through the auditions. We will go through one by one and pick out the ones we like and the ones we don't like. The ones we do not believe can change the singing for IWP or did not do good enough on singing auditions will sadly be rejected. The ones we choose will be private messaged by us and be given a link to join the server.
    What will I need to join IWP? 
    To join IWP, or get accepted you will need these top things..
    - A good quality microphone, quality microphones are a huge thing towards us! We do care about the microphone quality.
    - No background noise, in recordings have no background noise. It is easier to work with and the quality will be even better.
    - Discord, IWP works on discord, we do not plan to work with Skype anytime soon due to issues with Skype.
    - Active, being active is our main goal. If you are not active for a specific period of time you will be kicked from IWP. 
    - Have fun, having fun is our other main goal! We want to have fun doing what we love doing the most. No matter how hard the job is it is always nice to have fun.

    Directors and Co-directors wish all the singers lots of luck! We may sing any song, try to not make it inappropriate please. Thank you~!,
    Lots of luck,
    ~Lead Director Joellamae

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold