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Sailor Moon's Previously Completed Works

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    Hi! I am just going to copy and paste from my post on another forum..

    This is my first time posting here, so I don't know if I am doing anything wrong.. Anyway..Me and my friend are producing a machinima series, using the sims 4. It's not "set" in the sims 4, it just uses the sims 4 engine. We have been preparing this for a long time so now all we need are voice actors. We have a few already, but are desperately seeking males, willing to do ANY thing. 

    After this the post gets long, sorry T_T

    Found You is a drama, using the Sims 4, surrounding the lives of three different couples, that are all intertwined with each other.

    Sora Izumi thinks relationships are a waste of time, and only end up with someone getting hurt. Hana, his twin sister, has recently divorced her husband, Luka Skarsgard, who also happens to be the reason for Sora’s jadedness.Because of an incident 5 years ago, Sora and Luka’s juvenile romance came to an abrupt end. After Luka starts as an intern at the company Sora is the director at, Sora is more than distraught. Can they find out what really happened five years ago, and find their way back to each other? 

    Adrian Grey acts like the whole world revolves around him. He’s the most popular guy in town, and has all the girls he could ever want. With his best friend, Kylie, at his side, Adrian thinks he has himself figured out. However, Adrian knows something is missing from his life. One day, Adrian finds Ryu, with no knowledge of the world, or who he even is, and that same day Yuna, a girl from Japan, moves in next door. The more time, Adrian spends with Ryu, the more his feelings grow, feelings he didn’t know he could have.

    Meanwhile, Ciel Hall is homeless and harbors a new found hate for Adrian, after a confrontation concerning his feelings go wrong. After this, Ciel is left on the ground, bloody, and nearly beaten to death; that is until Ren Ito happens to be walking by and sees him. After Ren takes Ciel to the hospital, and finds out his situation, Ren decides to take him in hoping it’ll bring him some good karma. As they grow closer, Ciel figures out what he wants, but Ren still has feelings for a certain someone…

    The reason why we need males willing to do ANYTHING, is because, yes, this series is a BL series, which stands for boys love. While not all aspects of the show are BL, it is the primary theme. However, it is more softer, than "yaoi", and we will not make anyone voice act something they are uncomfortable with. That being said, the characters also speak normally, so no one will have to act overly out of character. 

    If you would like to know more information, and see ALL the characters, you can click this link


     We prefer your mic be as clear and loud as possible, with preferably no static at all. As for auditions, we don't require you to audition, just sending us some of your voice work will be fine, but we will include audition lines with the characters needed, at the bottom of this post.If you are interested, you can submit in three places.

    1. You can email us at [redacted]

    2.You can submit an audition link here

    3. Or you can comment on the casting video here to check out your channel/voice work


    If you want a full bio,more information. and a list of ALL the characters  about them click here

    As for lines, here all the lines for the males, it doesn't matter who you are auditioning for  ~

    Again these are not required, we would just like to see your work, but in case you still want to do it..

    For the males : (Interpret them in any tone you wish)
    "I don't play to lose."
    "If you want me to leave you alone, I'll leave you alone. Just don't abandon me."
    "I have a right to be hated."
    " I came this far without you."
    "I hate it! I'm going crazy because it bothers me."
    "I REALLY dare you to say that again."
    "Don't even think about it."

    If you want to do your own lines that is fine also ! 
    We will also need about 3 males and 4 females as extras throughout the series.

    Thank you ~

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold