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Ellie Bean's Previously Completed Works

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    About SIMS 4 VOICE OVER CASTING CALL - Where Is Lucy Gales? - OPEN

    Hellllo wonderful people! IM SO EXCITED! Welcome to my first ever voice over series! I hope to get tons of auditions from you all! Now before I explain all the characters and the series I need to layout some rules. I KNOW ITS A LOT BUT ITS IMPORTANT YOU READ EVERYTHING! THIS TOOK ME 1 HOUR 25 MINUTES 16 SECONDS AND COUNTING TO WRITE!

    - Before you even THINK about auditioning you MUST be sure you are committed to the series! I do not want to choose someone who will end up leaving halfway through (unless your reason for leaving is serious)

    - You MUST be okay with swearing, LGBT (what I mean by that is you must be okay with the character your voice acting POSSIBLY being LGBT or committing actions relating to it), possible moaning or kissing sounds (nothing to extreme, don't worry), and/or having to act trough triggering themes, for example: depression, rape (again nothing to extreme), bulling etc.

    - Have good pronunciation

    - Act well (use emotion). Some tips that may help you with acting are: Imagine what the person is going through or experiencing is happening to you... for example... if one of your characters loved ones passed away, I know it sounds harsh but, imagine the same happened to you... say to your self "I cant believe my (blank) died." By doing this you will be able to express more emotion and act more realistically. CAUTION: Do not do this if its to triggering, only if you feel it would improve your acting

    - Be ready to meet deadlines and send stuff in on time

    - Your audio must be an .mp4, if you do not know what that is you can achieve it by recording yourself on a voice recorder on your computer or phone. Most come with one so I recommend you use that

    -  Lastly I do not have a set deadline on this. Since today is 8/4/17 I might have a dead line In a few month so for now expect the dead line to be around 12/31/17. KEEP IN MIND if this title still says open then it is STILL OPEN. Even if its is past the supposed deadline. If its closed I promise it will say closed. I WILL NOT FORGET.

    Now the characters!!!


    Kai Wallis:

    - Lead
    - Goofy
    - Charismatic
    - Good at piano
    - Lives with both parents
    - Has little sister
    - Association with Lucy Gales: Were a thing

    Felix Martin: 

    - Lead
    - Romantic
    - Labeled as a "player" but doesn't want to be
    - Sweet
    - A flirt
    - Lives with sick mom
    - Has uncaring older brother
    - Has abusive, alcoholic uncle
    - Association with Lucy Gales: Barely knew her

    Myla Jensen: 

    - To make things easier I will be playing Myla so she is NOT AVAILABLE TO AUDITION FOR
    - Lead
    - Lazy
    - Funny
    - Awkward
    - Friendly
    - Lives with mom, dad, little sister and baby brother
    - Association with Lucy Gales: Acquaintances/friends

    Carmen Harris: 

    - Lead
    - Rich
    - A flirt
    - A small time model
    - Lives with mom, dad and older sister who she competes to be better than
    - Association with Lucy Gales: Not to fond of each other 

    Lucy Gales:

    - Nice
    - Caring
    - Good role model
    - Lives with both parents and little brother


    Kai, Myla, Felix and Carmen lived in a normal town. They were normal, the houses were normal, everything about it was normal and there was rarely any crime. The town wasn't super small, but it also wasn't as popular as New York or San Francisco. Everything was what you could call... boring, until a girl named Lucy Gales unexpectedly went missing. Some say she run away, other say she was murdered. Eventually the police labeled it as a kidnapping due to the fact that nothing was missing from her room, she never acted weird before she disappeared and... well... no one with a life as great as Lucy's would ever willing leave it all behind. Although they didnt know Lucy very well Kai, Myla, Felix and Carmen found them self trying to find Lucy and uncover the mystery, all while dealing with their own love, drama and friendships.


    ♥ BYEE! ♥

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold