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    About Sims 2 Voice Over Series Life Is HellaWreck [Closed]

                                                                                      Life Is HellaWreck

    ( Taken place in high school ) A very popular and talented student name Elena was pushed down a flight of stairs for an unknown reason and suffered memory loss. Because of the incident, Elena will have to take sometime out of school missing out on one of her biggest projects that she was working on. Elena's mother (Rebecca) refuses to accept what has happen to her daughter and decided to send Elena's twin sister Marcy to the school undercover as Elena to continue her work and find out who and why will this person do this to Elena and report back to Rebecca as soon as possible. Will Marcy be able to find out who did it before she is discover that she isn't really Elena? Or will this back FIRE on Rebecca and Marcy immediately!


    - Clear Mic

    - Show Emotion

    - Be Dedicated

    - Be Cooperative

    - Turn Lines In On Time! ( Every 2 or 3 weeks )

    - Have FUN!!

    There is NO extras for now. There will be more characters RIGHT AWAY as soon as I know there are a lot of you guys that wants to join, which is great for me and the series and everyone that enjoys it. this is a Sims 2 voiceover series (Life Is HellaWreck) and also this is rated M for mature! So yes there will be cussing and there will be scenes when things are quite sexual and more... So just be the best that you can be and remember to have fun and also here is my email if you want to give in you lines that way. ( [redacted] ) For the twins ( Elena & Marcy ) it's highly possible that one person may have to play both roles because their twins and they sound alike. But please don't fear! It's also possible that it can be someone else playing the role as the other twin! Anyways once when everyone is finished auditioning I will select the voice Actors/Actresses and they'll be getting an email from me or a private message from me on Extras will be available soon! Also if this last long enough, I will like to see everyone's talents because I know you guys got more than one talent. If you can video edit, draw, great with photoshop and anything that can benefit this series down the road, that'll be awesome! ( It takes a team work to create something special! Always remember that!)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold