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Wiwikiki's Previously Completed Works

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    About Silverleaf Highschool {Minecraft Roleplay Season 1} Starting to Release Characters!

    Hello, and welcome to Silverleaf High! ~ I have quite a story to tell you about my journey here.

    Silverleaf Highschool is a Minecraft roleplay, this is my first roleplay I am hosting that I am recording, I have hosted roleplays before but not recorded ones, just ones for fun and they had some script and lots of improvising! This one will be different, I will give everyone their lines, except you can change the way you word it slightly as long as it still makes sense and gets the point across.

    How long will the series be?
    The series will most likely be around 3 seasons long, each season being 15-20 episodes. Each episode will probably be 10-20 minutes long.

    What is Silverleaf Highschool about?
    Well, in this story, Izara will be living with her little sister, Yumi and her mom and dad. Her parents are a bit over protective, but she managed to get her parents to go on a sleepover with a group of friend's she's been in for 3 years (this group of friends has 15 people in it). The 1st sleepover was just a normal sleepover, just some friends doing normal friend stuff. But the 2nd time they went on a sleepover, it was a five night sleepover over their break since many of their parents were going to be out of town. It was going to be so much fun! Right? Nope, well, this was being hosted at a house of two of the people in the group who were 18 and 19, so no parents to hassle them, (the group has highschool to college students) The 2nd night, the girls woke up to a dead body in the room and the doors all locked. Stuff happens, the girls escape and go on living life pretending that never happened... But that's when the mystery murder became a part of school too. While Izara was in the bathroom, another murder happened in the same bathroom, the murderer snuck out and the Izara came out surprised by another of her friends (not in that group) dead. She walks out and one of the mean girls at school, Brooke, goes in, finds the dead body and tells the principal about the dead body and how Izara had come out of the bathroom right before she found the dead body, the word spreads and everyone at school thinks she's a murderer, even her best friends in that group! Will she be able to convince everyone that she's not the murderer? And, I think that's enough to tell you all! By the way, that is not set in Silverleaf Highschool! Silverleaf is a different school we will learn about later!

    Rules / Requirements
    1. I would like everyone to please be 10 or older, I am okay with younger people just I feel people younger than 10 sometimes are less responsible, if you are a responsible 9 year old, sure, audition if you want! Though, also 10 year olds might not have the right voices for my characters. Still, I will have some younger characters that some of our younger voice actors can audition for.
    2. Be respectful to EVERYONE. If you are rude to anyone you might be kicked out and we might need to find someone else to take your place.
    3. If you are a voice actor and need to leave during the middle please find someone with a similar voice who can voice audition in your place! If you just need to leave before we have started we can find another voice ourselves though if you want to recommend someone that would be awesome!
    4. Please don't have a lot of background noise and have a decent microphone. (I don't mean that you have to have a super expensive microphone as long as it's pretty good!)
    5. Please be able to express different emotions! This will be needed, except for a couple characters who will not express very many emotions.
    6. Please don't give anyone spoilers! You can get kicked out if you give spoilers to anyone without my permission!
    7. Please have discord, it will make it a lot easier to talk with each other and I will be setting up a discord server for this roleplay!
    8. Please have a Minecraft account, you don't NEED one though I would appreciate it!
    9. Please no trolls!
    10. Audition for as many roles as you want! (Please only do each one once and if you want to re-do one message me and wait for a response, afterwards you can withdraw it and make a new one.)
    11. NO voice changers! Voice changers are SUPER unfair to other people! (If, and ONLY if I tell you, in the REAL roleplay, not the auditions, that I would like you to use a voice changer, then you are aloud to use one.)

    I think that's it! If you have any questions just PM/DM me!

    Currently, I am only accepting people to help write and people to help create characters! If you stay with this roleplay, voice acting roles will appear soon, I just need the characters made first!


    Because I always get bugged that roles close before I can audition for them, I will be having them not close until the due date, where I will look through them all and choose my favorites! I will also check with the rest of my team instead of choosing someone who the others might not think fit the character. So, good luck and don't rush yourself! You have until the due date! This only applies for voice acting roles.

    Also, the due date keeps being pushed further and further back, I currently am not sure when the due date will be, so over time it will keep going further and further back until I decide a due date! It will most likely be near the end of March or later.

    And, FINALLY, for the last thing, there will be some characters that I will post but will not be open, and that's because knowing someone's friend can help you know them a bit better, it doesn't always work like this, but it can help. Because of that, I am going to post some characters some of my writers have created and claimed as theirs, even though you guys can't audition for them.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold