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About Showcase: Intervention & Reunion - a double-feature audio drama

About the episodes: "Intervention" and "Reunion" are two short audio plays I will be producing for Dream Realm Enterprises' Showcase. Both are written by author, Joe Weintraub, and are very different from one another. The first is a quiet little horror story about a patient and a doctor. It was initially written with designated gender roles, but I feel a lot of these roles can be interchangeable. I'm also leaving it open for different accents/ethnicities. "Reunion" is more of a somber play between a father and his son. Since both are relatively short, I'm creating another double-feature. 

Showcase :  Showcase is an anthology series produced and directed by Jonithan Patrick Russell for Dream Realm Enterprises. This anthology features all kinds of genres and for this Season 6, I will be assisting Jonithan with choosing certain plays to direct and produce. 

We're casting for a slew of voices to be used throughout the season. Folks cast for main roles will be asked to provide lines for additional, smaller roles not featured on CCC. If you're not cast for a main role, and your voice matches the tone of the show, we may ask you to provide lines for supporting roles in the production.

While this project is unpaid, it is ultimately a labor of love. Every individual involved in the series will have a voice credit featured on the website of the episode he/she is featured in. Also, all credits will be given verbally at the end of the episode. 

Rating: All episodes of Showcase are marked U for Universal. Basically that's our G to PG rating. 

Photos:  The photos selected are merely one idea of how the character could look. I don't subscribe to a selected specific ethnicity in regards to character. I prefer to give you a few details of the voice I'm wanting to hear (Accent, Age, Gender) and then based on that, I select the person I feel is best suited for the role based on performance and sound quality.


The deadline for auditions is October, 2021. There are currently no plans to extend this deadline, as the script for this episode is ready to release to voice actors. We'll notify voice actors who have been cast in roles by August 3rd and send scripts to voice actors at that time.  We need to receive all lines back from voice actors by October 30th. This is a hard deadline. If you are unable to record between October 16th - October 30th, please do not audition. 


I will make certain to answer any and all questions you may have about the script/character. I will always give honest feedback, especially when it is asked for. Communication will take place over email; however, if you wish to rehearse with me over Discord or Zoom, I would be open to accommodating providing our schedules allow for it. Since this is a small cast, if anyone would like to have a "live" recording, I can arrange that. It would be a new experience for all of us and would most likely be a lot of fun!


    • First and foremost, have fun -- I take pride in bringing together talents in different mediums to create something truly phenomenal, but none of it means anything if the people involved aren't passionate about their craft. 

    • Please submit mp3s for your audition using at least a USB microphone (no air conditioners in the background, no fans -- I don't mind performing noise reduction on your files, however too much clean-up reduces the quality of your voice). And speaking of clean-up (if you're cast) -- please let me handle the post-production. Don't add effects to your lines -- leave that for me to do. :) 

    • Feel free to cut your lines to your best/favorite takes. Three is the gold standard. I have a few voice actors that would rather give me more takes, and that's okay, too. However please at least remove the takes you don't want to be featured in the episode. 

    • Please submit your recordings as one .wav file to my email address or you can join my Discord channel which will be provided to you after casting. If a file is too large to submit via email, I prefer to use WeTransfer. 

    • I do occasionally ask for line re-dos, but we do this sparingly and only after great consideration - I realize your time is valuable, and we won't ask for anything we can't work around in edits. 

    • Lastly, I'd like to cast people who will be able to stick with me for a while. I'm incredibly proud of the acting troupe I've formed over the years, and when starting a new project, I frequently return to voice actors we've worked with in the past. 


I'm a producer with Dream Realm Enterprises, but have decided to branch out and submit my writings to other producers. One of my missions is to work with many different people from all walks of life. I really enjoy collaborating with others and sharing creative responsibilities. 

About the Creator: soletwinaudios

Note: If you have Discord and would like to join the server to stay up to date on projects for Sole Twin Audios, send me a PM and I'll send you an invite!

*Sole Twin Audios Cover Art by Raylir

 Sole Twin Audios Podcast

My name is Rachel and I've been voice acting for audio dramas off and on for a number of years. I'm an Alto and often end up playing children, mothers, computers, male teens, and villains (my favorite kind of role). I'm happy to help out with your project for free at this point as I'm still getting comfortable with my craft. 

In addition to voice acting, I've produced a number of audio plays for studios such as Dream Realm Enterprises, The Sonic Society, the Mutual Audio Network, and the Narada Radio Company. 

As of 7-13-21, I'm ready to form my own Audio Drama company (Sole Twin Audios). At this point, I will still utilize my connections with the Mutual Audio Network and Moonlight Audio as they are high level traffic sites, but I plan on using both Anchor and possibly Youtube to begin hosting my original series: Old Time Radio Theatre, Reminisce With Me, Tierney's Tales of Terror, Strange Paradise (fan audio drama) and others. I also have a separate project for the company, Darker Projects called "Phobias Unlimited."  

-Projects I'm involved in (Voice acting)-

The Distant Silent Radio Hour - (Jude)

Gettysburg: The Civil War (Clara Barton)

The Infinite Realm (Mrs. Seltzer Avenue)

Crisis Barn (Nancy Landgraab) 

The Runaway 8 (Perfect Children/other characters)

Cryptic College (Extra) 

Both of Us (Hospital Receptionist) 

Character of Yoki (by JassyBella) 

Ghost Woman 1 (Soul Beneficiary) 

Awards for Writing

Honorable Mention: Project Henry (MBT Audio Drama Script-Writing Competition)

First Place: A Tale of Tierney (MBT Audio Drama Script-Writing Competition)

Second Place: Phobias Unlimited ("The Cellar" Writing Contest)

Phobias Unlimited 

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