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Hisnameishero's Previously Completed Works

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    About [Shinzō no Teikō] Voice(s) for Anime Mascot Needed.

    [[ Do not worry, the deadline for this project maybe. June 1st, 2015, just changed the date to receive a further audience ]]

    Before getting into detail, I would like to explain a few things:

    Shinzō no Teikō(The Heart Resistance), is an Anime-Based/Themed Guild, that is nationally structured or soon to be so, over the course of this year throughout the U.S.A. It is a interface friendly, group or perhaps even physical group of members that contribute back to society for both the good of the people and for the love and devotion to Anime, Manga, Video-Gaming, Roleplaying, Cosplaying etc. Anything within the positive lifestyle of being an Otaku, or Anime Fan, we promote that and then some. 

    Now then, when referring to business and or this audition and casting calls, The Heart Resistance Guild, is looking for voice actors who are willing to voice the characters of the animations and musical productions created for the guild and vast social media production.  The applicant, if selected will be expected to voice a set of anime skit's, either in person or in other miscellaneous form of interface. The products voiced, will be for the mascots, and the scene's created for them. In all there are 5 character's which should initially expand. Applicants, when selected will voice these characters, and will recieve a stipend or rewarded merchandise of that original copy of the completed work, or possibly both depending on the quality of the work and amount of work completed for each project. Currently the role's will be unpaid, and wont be paid to the VA until each project assigned for that character has been completed. When reference to this current audition, applicants are working to gain experience, exposure, and potiential business with this guild. The applicant(s) selected will be paid in full the amount given if the price or stipend hasn't increase, I gave the minimum amount because I didn't want to label a price to unrealistic, since this is the beginning stage of the busniess productivity. Further down the line the stipend will increase per project. This guild is in the starting phase currently, and will not be expected to attempt such animations, and actual voicing's until the summer, or late spring. So applicants can apply later, or have an wide range of duration untill the expired completion date.

    This is in fact serious, a business, in the making, and a strong band of anime fans, whom are dedicated to achieving sucess. Please all are encouraged to apply, and if selected, or liked, you may have a potiential position for later roles, so please, if you have a small drive to apply for a role, please do, and give it your best shot. But please, do not apply, if you are not going to take the actions expected to be performed seriously.
    In about a month's time, you can refer to any of the famous social media,or even back on this page to view the updated post. 

    My Contact Information, for further inquiries is as followed. 
    Please do not spam or harrass this contact information, I will get to you in reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

    Screen Name: HisNameIsHero/Hero-Kun(A.K.A Aerion Edges)
    Email: [redacted]
    Tumblr: ShinzoNoTeiko/HisNameIsHero

    Instagram: HisNameIsHero
    Youtube:Shinzō no Teikō(The Heart Resistance)

    Fb: (TBD(To Be Determined)

    I listed the following, in case you guys wanted to see the social media growth of this Guild, and then later decide to cast your audition or not. Please be aware that this is in fact a growing business. Just taking care of future problems now. So, all are infact are asked to audition, if feels they can apply. 

    If you have any inquiries about either the audition itself or even joining the guild. Simply email, the guild's email, at [redacted], if you didn't catch it previously stated, and I'll be happy to answer any given questions or inquiries. Thanks for reading guys, best of luck.


    CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY FOR UPDATES ON THIS AUDITION, AROUND 2-3 WEEKS, APPLICANTS SHOULD NATURALLY CHECK FOR UPDATES. UNTIL EVERY CASTING CALL IS FILLED AND THE AUDITION PROCESS IS OVER. IF SELECTED, MEMBERS WILL RECIEVE AN EMAIL FROM THE GUILD, EXPLAINING THE POSITION FURTHER. (If you haven't noticed currently the only positions/rolls available for audition are female roles, do not fret guys, later roles, for both genders will be casted. To get our foot in the door, we need our ground females. <3)

    "It's kind of funny actually, we have all of these readers, and only 5 golden tickets, which one of you will own the chocolate factory and all the little oompa-loompas?"

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Little Description On This Audition~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                (Good Luck!)

    You ready? Well, The Heart Resistance has this group inside of the guild, and this group is a total attraction for the people. Their called "Love n' Heartbreak"/ "Love x Heartbreak" Its an all girl's band, who sing anime themed songs, and rock the trendeist cosplays and get-up's(clothes) made by the guild itself. Sound's pretty cool right? Well they're hiring and recruiting for band members, so let's hear your voice, and see what you got to say to the world...! We're looking to hear the best of the best, the soul and passion of a voice, even if you can't sing or not. We'll try our best to fit you somewhere in our staff, if you put enough heart into it! So show us what you got? Rock out or go home, because Love x Heartbreak is here to heat things up from the stage to the computers at home! Show us what you got? And apply for one of the following roles! Good and a best of luck to all applying applicants. Oh' and if you feel, your audition wasn't really your best suit, we all have our days, both good and bad. Just email the guild, and we'll be happy to give you a retake, but you'll only be allowed one. So be careful in using this. Thanks a bunch. Good luck out there! Show us your heartbeat! ~

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold