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    About Shared Bonds - Original Series - Prologue (Minor Roles)

    First of all, for those curious as to what the source material they will be involved is. The comic has already seen its release and will be moving to Youtube within the next two weeks. Here is a link of the webtoons version to sate the curiousity.


     A lot has already been done and we simply seek to fill some additional roles for the sake of having the world feel more lived in. As far as Im concerned, anyone looking to fill these roles are equally as important as any other and I look forward to hearing your auditions.

    To whomever would like to work together,
    First all, for all those that have clicked this casting call out of curiosity, thank you for coming. Let me continue by saying a little about the kind of person I am. I like to think of myself as a visionary with a large goal in mind. To put it simply, I'd love the opportunity to share inklings of the vivid worlds only my mind could live in. In sharing these worlds, the dream would be giving future generations something to grow with. Together, let’s make something that stirs minds the same way that charged us to where we are today. 

    This is a casting call going out for those interested in participating in the kick off to a potentially long term series. Starting with an original comic, I seek to gather a team to create the official dubbing of what could be the start of a long list of glorious experiences to share. In this pursuit, I'm not seeking to simply create a team of people that work together, but a family that came together to follow the dream of what could be. One way or another I'm sure we may come to love one another's creative expressions and that will be the fun of it. But, working together wont be always be fun and games which brings me to the serious aspect of those wishing to work together. I trust that those that reaching out are willing to work together toward making the best product possible.

    The story takes place in a fantasy setting, that in some ways relies on magical tools. The full spectrum of the world can be anywhere between "standard" fantasy to Magical(Industrial) Revolution-like. Meaning that the tone of the environment or the story can change in the future from beautiful to gritty. Following the day of a seemingly normal Courier, the prologue follows the catalyzing event that sets the world to opening its underbelly.

    Final Notes: Everything mentioned here only covers the first part of a potentially large scale project. So, while the start may begin with little to no pay, there is room for bonuses upon hitting milestones upon release. In those circumstances, future opportunities will be guaranteed. In the case where some of you don't feel comfortable taking a leap of faith and would like to open with a charge in addition to your audition, feel free to do so but please keep in mind that resources arent infinite.

    Other than this, I look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you,

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold