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Spencer Mak's Previously Completed Works

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About Shadow S2E7 Heartbeat of Death! (Radio Recreation) In Need Of Two Voice Actress'

*Quick Note* Hello everyone! Welcome back to a new year of The Shadow! I sadly couldn't get the right voice actress' to  play these roles so I had to put this Episode on hold. Luckly this will be the first Episode of the New Year, I cannot wait to upload this on YouTube! 

Quick Plot
On a cold night, miserly old Hepzibah Sefton (Around 70 Years Old) lies in her bed. But she is not thinking of her money which she hid in a dozen hiding places around her house. Her mind is filled with strange, grotesque forms and weird shadows. As her newphew, Paul Sefton (26 Years Old), and her sister Lousie Sefton (Around 65 Years Old) try they're best to help her; Hepzibah believes that they are trying to kill her as well as the monsters that she is visioning, so she decides to calls Lamont Cranston to help her, Later on the next day; Lamont and Margo walk into Dr.  Cunningham, the Sefton Family Physician. He claims that there is nothing that can be done for her for that she has epilepsy. As Lamont and Margot slowly make their way back to their car, Adam claims that there is a deadly storm nearing them and how it is dangerous to leave the Estate. While waiting for the storm to pass by, the next morning; Miss Hepzibah disappeared from her bedroom! Not knowing where she has gone, Lamont and Margot must try and find her!

Once casted for the role, I Will need the lines done as soon as possible and on .Wav Format. I would suggest doing each line 3 times, just in different ways. Goodluck! 

About the Creator: Spencer Mak

I've been on this website for quite some time not. When I first started I was working on a Halo Machinima which didn't go so well, I had to cancel it due to the lack of body actors. During November of 2016; I began working on recreating The Shadow Radio Program with new voices, Since then, I have directed and produced the episodes by myself while voicing the main character Lamont Cranston, alson known as The Shadow for all the latest episodes.


I hope to continue this series with the Amazing Help from the Voice Actors and Actress' here on this website! 

And once finished with this Recreation Series, I will be working on yet another Series regarding The Shadow!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold