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About Shadow Of What Was (Audio Drama)

This project is an original story. I and another person that goes by Esbo are working on this story together. This is a Light Novel we are also working into an Audio Drama. We will not provide much information about why the story´s genres are what they are, as we want to keep it as secrete as possible so you can be able to get the same reactions as the readers and listeners would, as we have great things planned for this story and we intend to get a genuine reaction out of all fo you before recording (Nothing +18 will be done). 

Brief No Spoiler Summary:

Shadow Of What Was follows the main character Teruo Shojou, who's not your typical Main Character. He is a gloomy and depressive 16-year-old who has gone through an event as a kid which has traumatized and shaped him into the person he is now. Events will unfold and things will happen as the story progresses, unfortunately, no more information will be provided, as we want to keep the information as minimum as possible.

(I like to describe him as the Gloomy Secondary Character becoming MC)


Action, Adventure, Psychology, Horror, Fantasy.


  • Comment Your Discord Username In Your Audition.
  • You need To Be 16+ In Order To Audition.
  • You Need To Have A Mic That Has From None to Almost No Background noise To Be Considered For A Role.
  • You Must Be Okay With Swearing, As There Will Be Lots Of It.

(You must follow these requirements if you wish to be considered for the role)

Character Order:

- Lead

- Supporting

- Minor

- Extras

My Social Media:

- My Discord

ɱąƖƖɛąცƖɛ ɬıɱɛƖıŋɛ#3770

- My Twitter


(You can contact me through these for any inquires you have about the project)

- My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4ZuHcnx

(If you decide to enter my Discord Server, you'll be branded as a viewer, so send me a Private DM and state that you're an auditionee for Shadow Of What Was, and I'll give you a role that'll make you see updates on the Project)

Deadline: January, 15th, 2021.

(No character icons nor concept art will be provided yet, as their designs are still being worked on)

(No official logo has been provided yet, as its design is still being worked on)

(More characters will be added with time, so stay alert for when that happens, an update will come with the information when it happens)

(Sorry for the lack of info on the story's description. I hope you understand our reasoning behind it)

About the Creator: Malleable Timeline

About Me

Let me tell you a little about me. I am a HighSchool student who has a passion for Voice Acting. Since I was little I enjoyed watching Roleplays and later on grew onto Anime. This has started a passion within me that I wish to fulfill.

Voice Acting

My current range is within a High to Medium tone voice. I can Voice Act for Male Teens and Young Adults.


I currently live in Mexico. I know English and how to speak it, sometimes I may have a little accent, but I can make it work. My Timezone is GMT - 5


I am currently working for my own Youtube Channel as a director. I am now starting to move towards Voice Acting more, so at the moment I haven't worked as a VA for any project.

Things You Should Keep In Mind

- I am a HighSchool student, so I won't be as available as I am in the summer.

- I don't mind swearing or making sexual noises.

- I have my own Youtube Channel and I am a director for the projects I post, so I will be divided into both.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold