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    About FNAF Series (Animated)


    Fredbear’s is closed down, animatronics are left to rot. Something… or someone has released both the souls of the dead children and the evil spirits that all the animatronic characters have New location is opened and the rotting animatronics (Nightmares) go and destroy the new location. The animatronics in the new location have to try and stop them from destroying everything.  Nightmares possess the withered animatronic who “dismantle” the toys. Phantoms are the “future” of what they will become. Springtrap inherits the spirits of Shadow Bonnie and Purple Freddy, who then tries to destroy and control all the animatronics. The animatronics that become phantoms can see their future when they make a deal with Plushbear who promises to make everything “better”. Things start to fall apart over time as the days goes along as the nightmare animatronics lose their power over the withered animatronics during the day. This starts to cause the withered animatronics to become different completely and act differently. This makes it harder for the nightmares to control them. After a mystery explosion the nightmares fall apart and take on different forms which causes more trouble. Everything ends when the spirits disappear completely causing every animatronic to completely lose control of themselves, making the spirit of the purple guy to completely take advantage of the “dead” animatronics.


    You must be able to stay for the whole project which may go over a few months of production and I may make another season.

    If you get the role I will add you on Skype and to the group.



    Follow my tutorial for effects:

    For the nightmares I want your normal voice then a duplication of the voice but with a deeper pitch. 

    For the withereds I want broken robot voice effects but understandable.

    For the toys I want it to sound clear but with robot as well.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold