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About Sexual Demons Auditon pt.2

Update: So I thought I had someone for Lenny but it turns out that will not be the case. The other roles are for other characters into the story. I don't want this to be as long as a tryout period so there won't be as much time for this one. There are a total of 5 roles.

This is a reading of a story I created. I rather have different voices than just myself doing it so thought I'd try to give this a shot. Right now the project is not a paid gig but if things pick up it can turn into one. 

There are two main characters for this project. James, which will be voiced by me (Unless I suck at it), and Gloria. This project is nsfw and it is a very dark story. If that is not your cup of tea do not try out for any of the parts. I will explain the parts and the length of your role.

Gloria: A main character. Don't Try Out For This Part If you Are Not Commited And Do Not Have The Time For It. You will be featured in probably every episode.

Miranda: A big yet small part. She starts out small but the role gets bigger as the story goes on.  

Donna: She doesn't have a big part in the beginning but her role increases as the show goes on.

Lenny: A friend to James. He will sometimes be in episodes and other times he will not. He is consistent though and should be there to the end.

Andrea: A minor role for the most part. She may get a shining moment here and there. She pops up now and again. This is good for people who can show up sometimes but can't really commit to the project fully. 

If you do not get the part there are a ton of minor character/roles that I may suggest to you. I will send you a note about it or I'll find some other way to contact you, and if your interested we can go from there. 

There is a link to the story so you know what this is about. I did this a while ago so you may need to turn the audio to hear me. I have gotten a better mic and the problems are now fixed, but at least you can get an idea of what the story is about. 

About the Creator: goblinactor

Making projects and streaming is my thing. Check out my youtube channel here.


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold