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About Senyuu Fan Dub **Urgent Re-casts!** (Janua, Februar open)

Hey, JMac52 of Somewhat Heroic Productions here. I have always wanted to complete a full season fan dub of a show, and I found the perfect one: Senyuu. Senyuu is a zany, quirky, and hilarious anime parodying RPG video games, famous anime such as Naruto and FMA, and much more. We have currently completed 4 episodes, and number five should be out within a week. Each episode is only about four minutes each, so the line count isn't over the top. 

Now, here's where you come in. I need talented voice actors/actresses to fill the remaining character roles for the first season. I am super excited to hear your auditions. Give it your all! Make sure if you audition for a part that you are in for a commitment. I would like to finish the first season, which is 13 episodes. (The 2nd season is a possibility depending on a range of factors). I usually like to release a new episode every two to three weeks, so be prepared! I have had trouble with this with past projects, so don't let me down! Also, make sure you have at least decent mic . It doesn't have to be perfect quality, but make sure there's not too much background noise or peaking. 

Lastly, let loose and have fun with your auditions! This show is a silly, goofy, and oftentimes doesn't make much sense, but that's why it's a fun show to fan dub. A warning, some of the material can be occasionally TV-14ish with language and some material, but nothing overwhelming. Now go and give me some great auditions because I know you can. All of us at Somewhat Heroic Productions would love to see you join the team!

Here's the first few episodes of our fan dub of the show for reference!

Newest Episode:

The rest of the series is here at Crunchyroll.

**Looking for a couple recasts and possibly a couple more since I haven't had much contact in a while. **Janua says he is cast but I have to re-cast due to communication issues**.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold