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Mindanguyen's Previously Completed Works

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    About Senseshon Insho (Sensation Impression) Japanese Cover

    I wrote this song by myself and I like being a song writer ^^

    For this song, I was inspired by so many songs I created a great song that I love so much!

    Here are some tips I learned from the songs I've listened to.

    - Include a little bit of English words in your song and repeat using those. The English words must be related to the title or it can be the title.

    - Is it a happy song or sad song? Mines is a happy song!~ It makes you feel like your heart is pumping!~

    - Include words with ( ) if you want to!~

    - Don't write the words saying what it is really about. Show it. If it is a sad song, it might have to do with a curse or lonely moment. If it is a happy song, it might have to do with peace or positive things like heart, singing, and running.

    So here is the song I would like you all to sing. Before that, note that I will only cast 3 singers for this song. That will make this song sung by four people, that is including me. We will sing the Japanese version but I'll add an English version. :) No need to have Skype or Email, you also don't need a non-background noise mic. I'm not that pro so you don't have to be pro either xD. Would be great if you were though.

    Japanese vers.

    Mokuteki! Mokuteki! SENSATION IMPRESSION!

    Korekara no daitan (Yes! Yes!)

    Onegai dakara HOLD ON (Yes! Yes! Genki!)

    Jibun no rizumu demo osorete imasen

    YAY! YAY! Ja, ikimasho!

    Kono mirai wa mada susumu!

    YAY! YAY! A-so-bi-ma-sho?

    Korekara no kibun? (Yes! Yes! Osorete nai!)

    Jibun no unmei, jibun no kokoro

    YES! YES! Jibun no kankaku IMPRESSION!

    English vers.


    The future of the bold (Yes! Yes!)

    Please and HOLD ON (Yes! Yes! Healthy!)

    Rhythm of their own are not even afraid!

    YAY! YAY! Then, let's go!

    The future will still advance!

    YAY! YAY! You are gonna play?

    After this, how is your mood? (Yes! Yes! I'm not afraid!)

    Fate of their own, heart of their own

    YES! YES! Sensation impression of their own!

    I will give the sample soon~

    About the Creator: mindanguyen

    I'm about to come back from hiatus xP

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