Casting Call for School Days Anime Fandub Episode 1

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About School Days Anime Fandub Episode 1

Originally going to be an abridged series, this will be a fandub of School Days, an anime based on a hentai game, but the anime only being ecchi at most. I will post scenes from this on YouTube, but not the whole thing. The whole thing will posted on Dailymotion if I can, but if not, it will be privately used as a fandub to show people new to anime whom I know. This is meant to give people practice, but also be an awesome anime dub that can rival an official one if one is ever made. To shortly put it, this will be a fandub of the anime School Days to be partly on YouTube, fully on Dailymotion, and partly private-use.
The intended final product is 12 episodes but I also wanted to dub the OVAs, which are 2. So overall, 14 episodes.
I want to get this done quickly, so I will want an episode done every 2 weeks until the final product is complete. I will gladly give extensions if someone has something come up though.
This anime is important to me as one of the first anime I ever watched, and the first disturbing one that got me into the horror genre for the first time in my life. I really want to be able to share it with others the beauty and the horror that it holds within its episodes.
I wanted to show my boyfriend this series but he only watches English Dubs because he can't read the subs and watch at the same time, so my motivation is to make dubs for my family and friends to enjoy without having to strain themselves with subs (though I enjoy subs).

1. This is entirely for fun, and is not meant to be a professional project, but I'm looking for as high of quality as possible.
2. You will need a discord for this project.
3. Try your very best every time you do your lines
4. I want you to put your lines all in one file and say each line 3 times, so it might be hard for you to do all your lines within two weeks, but I'll give extensions.
5. I'll try to cast as soon as possible
6. This is ecchi so please be over age 17!
7. I may take the role as Kotonoha Katsura since I'm pretty skilled (I have another account), but I'm giving people the chance to audition first and change my mind.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold