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    About Sailor Moon Crystal Fandub: F/M EXTRAS NEEDED

    Update: Due to some scheduling issues, certain roles have been opened for recast!  The deadline is 2/28, but depending on the volume and quality of auditions, this could change.  Currently, I am looking for Tuxedo Mask and Umino, as well as male and female extras.

    Welcome, everyone!

    I'm Janice, a uni student and long-time lover of anime!  I've recently taken to pursuing voice acting as a hobby, but I've had a great interest in directing and producing as well.  The result?  This project.

    Unlike most people, I did not grow up with Sailor Moon; in fact, I started watching it for the first time earlier this year, and fell absolutely in love with it.  With its rigidity to following the manga, Sailor Moon Crystal found a special place in my heart, and has therefore become my starter project.

    What is this project?
    This project is a fandub of Sailor Moon Crystal--all episodes and clips created will be posted to my YouTube channel.  While the official dub is wonderful, I think it would be a lot of fun to see how others can put their own spin on the characters.

    What is involved?
    Since the plot of SMC is so fast-paced, we will likely be dubbing full episodes.  However, depending on certain time constraints, we might combine parts of episodes.  So, long answer: final production details have not yet been decided on, but if you audition, prepare for plenty of lines.

    When will production occur?
    Background production has been occurring much more quickly than anticipated, so production will definitely be occurring in the coming months!  Depending on how long it takes to produce each episode, roles for Season 2 may be posted relatively soon.

    Any additional information?
    Once the project begins, all correspondence and production will be conducted over either a Discord server and/or Dropbox.  When auditioning, please keep this in mind!

    As this is a learning experience for myself as well, I will be voicing Sailor Mercury  for this production.  Since we are starting with Season One, the outer Senshi (i.e. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chibiusa, Saturn) will not be on the casting list.  If the episodes don't take long to produce, I might be able to put Chibiusa and Pluto up sooner than expected.  Still, due to the length of this project, do not expect Uranus, Neptune, or Saturn to be ready for casting anytime soon. 

    Rules & Guidelines

    1. Have decent mic quality.  This is not a professional production by any means, so you don't need some high-end microphone.  However, please limit background noise as much as possible to make the finished product as clean-sounding as possible.

    2. Be prepared to commit to the project.  As I previously stated, the actual production for this project will not begin until late-autumn/winter/early 2018.  Please keep this in mind when you are auditioning.  As a student myself, I completely understand that life can get incredibly busy--my own schedule is why the production will be occurring later.  My aim is to make this project as stress-free as possible with ample deadlines, so don't feel like you can't audition because you have a semi-active life.  For the fairness of all cast members (and the efficiency of the overall project), I ask that you carefully consider the time you can invest before submitting.

    3.  Be nice.  No one likes to work with difficult people.  In all aspects of auditioning, casting, and production, be nice!  Any nastiness/general hostile behavior towards anyone's audition or anyone in general during this project will not be tolerated.

    4. Have fun!  While this is not a professional production, have fun with it!  This franchise has been an empowering force of fiction since its creation, so celebrate it!  Above all, I want this project to be a fun experience for people to unleash their inner magical girls (and guys!).  

    **This is not required, but feel free to comment an introduction following your audition, including your name, favorite Sailor Senshi, and reason you would like to participate in this fan dub!**

    As I stated previously, the deadline is very flexible, and will likely be pushed back to late autumn.  Feel free to reach me here or on twitter @thesleepyanemic with any questions.  Happy auditioning, everyone!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold