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    About Runaway - Minecraft Roleplay

    An average girl, with a rough past. Living with an alcoholic single father, How is it easy to live knowing your mother left you at such a young age? Valentina Mariano has to rethink that everyday.

    What exactly is this project?
    Runaway is a Minecraft role-play series that will be projected on YouTube via. HeartlessOnly.

    What is the plot?
    Valentina Mariano, an average depressed girl going through a life with no guidance. Runs away from her father due to his heavily drinking habit. She has to go through high school cliché scenarios. *Roleplay with be graphic and have sensitive topics*

    Reasoning behind the name?
    The story behind the name "Runaway", was from the fact that she couldn't handle her father's drinking habits and decided to runaway from him. 

    Do specific characters need specific talents?
    Yes and no, depending on the role it will be stated in the description if they are a musical character.

    When's the deadline?
    The deadline for the main characters that are listed are due on the 2nd of January, however I extended the deadline till later on next year due to the extra characters that I haven't listed.

    1. You need to be in between the age 12-20, depending on the role you apply for I'll be flexible.
    2. Once you have signed up for a role, if I cast you, you cannot quit until the series is over. If you must, you have to find another VA who is willing to take your spot with a similar voice.
    3. You are not able to expose any information from the roleplay. This information is disclosed between us.
    4. Don't Troll.
    5. Respect other auditions.
    6. We will be communicating through Discord, Therefore, Discord IS mandatory.
    7. This is not a paid project, this is purely for fun.
    8. You can audition for any of the roles as much as you like, just make sure if you are re-doing your audition to let me know first, get my verification, then withdraw your original audition.
    9. Professional microphones are preferred.
    10. Once you audition you are agreeing to all of the rules and are expected to stand by them. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold