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    About Ruins of Memories [character casting]

    New roles will be added every so often so keep coming back every few months to see whats new :)

    Now this is the second project that I have done. My previous work includes my original work,  Sundown, and myself working on the team as a voice role for the character Rose in Rosegate high.  The characters in this call will be in the same world as Sundown so you may find yourself collating with other voice actor than just those who are casted in this call ^^

    So this isn't so much as a project but in fact just something so that ill know that if I want to make an animated clip I can easily ask for lines! 

    The characters are all a part of the same world "Sundown" is based around, but the story they are all apart of is called Ruins of Memories. The characters belong within the Alloralla forest, a large woodland with different terrain types, which borders the St Louise Academy. The story is based around a she-cat named Ava who regally takes books from the academy and uses them to learn magic in the forest.  She is stubborn and quite the trickster. Along the way she meets others such as the traveller Ruins, the red panda Cappuccino and the mysterious Audacity. Ava also ends up stealing the summer’s stone from Valerian, a god, and find out Ruin has an old "friend" whose name is not yet known. 

    The characters soon realise that the dark is closing in and they must use the pendants , that are supposedly a myth, before the shadows consume them all. 

    Now one of the main things you need to know is that i will not be able to pay you, now that you know this is you still want to audition read bellow. 

    Theses are simple and apply to everyone. 
    * You must be at least 14 yrs old, however i am open for acceptions :D
    * Have your recordings done by the set deadline (deadlines will be set depending on weather or not you are chosen)
    *It would be usefull for you to have discord as ill need it to get in touch with you if your chosen but email will also be good to use too!
    *Please have a mic. I would prefer not to have headset mics but anything that is a Recon/turtle beach as i use one of those, but make sure to record in a quiet area. (ie WITHOUT air con in the background)
    *There isn't a date that the auditions are closed for 
    *Finally, I hope you all have fun when doing this! It is a fun project that will be chilled back and not too demanding. Perfect to people just starting voice acting. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold