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    About Round Table: An Audio Series Pilot

    In a time long forgotten, King Arthur Pendragon was ruler of Camelot after pulling the mythical sword Excalibur  from stone. Through uneasy meetings with dangerous beasts and various battles, he formed the Knights of the Round Table, to combat the dark forces of Morgan La Fey. However, after the wicked Mordred betrayed his uncle and his kingdom, Mordred became a force of true tyrannical terror. During the Twelth Battle of Calemn, both were slain, Mordred laid on the battlefield, Arthur wounded and taken to the mythical island of Avalon. Arthur, surrounded by his fellow knights, died a hero, and fairies flew to the sky telling his tale. That's where the story ends...right? Well, Merlin has a prophecy to be told, and the men surrounding their king are frozen in time, to fight Mordred once again. But this time, with a new purpose, and new power, and many henchman at his disposal. With Gweniverre reincarnated as an Archeologist, and in modern day no less, things get pretty hectic.

    Hello, and welcome to Round Table, a pilot for an audio series that I've written that would like to answer that so (hopefully) interesting dilemna. This will be a one-off, but hopefully if it gains enough of a following I would continue the series and finish some scripts I've been working on. 


    A decent mic-No one will be excepted if they use either a computer mic or have any pops/background noise. I know it's a problem we all have when recording, but try to at least keep it minimal.

    A decent schedule-At the very least, try to get your lines in. I don't want people to bow out of the project due to outside circumstances. 

    Positive Attitude-I at least want people to have fun on this project, I wanna give people free range on the accents and how they feel about their character in the long run. Be prepared to do multiple takes though, just in case. So, get at it!


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold